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    Split Remedy by @TRESemme

    TRESemmé wants to help your readers take care of their tresses by giving them salon-fresh hair at an affordable price.  I am sure you have seen the bottles at your local Shoppers or CVS – They are huge black and white bottles that have a fantastic price to match!

    Our friends at TRESemme sent over that latest set and I love it. The smell is light and fresh and my favorite is the mud mask.

    The Rejuvenating Mud Masque is a deep conditioner specially developed with Dead Sea minerals to exfoliate the scalp and restore moisture to dry and distressed damaged hair, leaving it 10x stronger after just one use+!  Hope this is going to help my hair grow long and strong.

    My hair is finally long enough to be up!

    The NEW Split Remedy system reduces up to 80% of split ends just 3 uses and the Nourishing Rituals collection are treatments that rejuvenate, strengthen and restore shine to the hair.

    Since I have been growing my hair – I have been looking for something that can help with shine and also to strengthen my hair!  I forgot how much work it is to take care of  long hair!

    Find out more about TRESemmé® Split Remedy™ – www.tresemme.ca