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    Meet Melissa Anglomania

    Jellies meets stilettos, meets Vivienne Westwood, meets strawberry shortcake?

    There are few times that a girl will meet a pair of shoes that appeal to all of her 5 senses… ladies, meet Melissa Anglomania!

    After a routine hair cut on the Danforth, I thought I’d pop into one of my favorite shops ‘Balisi‘… after all, Spring Trend Report was just around the corner and while I had an incredible dress from Brazen‘s newest collection (courtesy of Amanda Brugel at The Red Carpet Room), I didn’t have anything to complement my toes! And… there they were!!! I saw them and as though I could hear them chant my name I didn’t hestitate for a moment to request my size and try them on… they felt like a squishy, stiletto dream! As I posed in the mirror, the hipster behind the counter explained that Vivienne Westwood did a colabo with Melissa shoes to create the “Anglomania” line and that this gorg pair was a part of the collection, she told me to “take a sniff”… and while this took me aback, I did only to find the gorg, nostalgic scent of old skool strawberry shortcake dolls! “I’ll take ’em” I said, and it was as easy as that!
    A match made in Jellie stilettos – designed by Vivienne Westwood – that smell like strawberry shortcake HEAVEN!!!

    Me in my Anglomania’s at Spring Trend Report w. my girl Kesh
    Anglomania Lady Dragon III

    Peep them for yourself at Balisi or on the Melissa Plastic Dreams site!

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    HeyDoYou β™₯ Spring??

    “I sowed the seeds of love, It was all in the spring, In April, May, and June, likwise, When small birds they do sing.” – Fleetwood Habergham, The Seeds of Love, 1690
    I know, I know, it’s been like 2 weeks, but Get over it, we rocked the Spring Trend Report, so just sit back and enjoy the video πŸ™‚
    Thanks again to everyone for coming out on a MONDAY, RAINY NIGHT!

    *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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    Red Carpet Room Spring Trend Report: a lil bit MORE of what you missed! β™₯

    I was rather busy right up until the fashion show started, but I still managed to sneak in a couple pics here and there πŸ™‚  I have a special video of the fashion show for you guys for tomorrow!!! (loved Amanda’s intro!)

    Shauna and Yvonne! Luh-va-leeeee β™₯

    two of the ladies of Noir Hair Studio! Camille and Kim! LOVING your hair Camille!
    ps: they styled the models’ hair for the fashion show πŸ™‚ you ladies did an amazing job!

    i β™₯ just this pic…

    Bad Mutha, shut yo mouth! I love it!

    Ms Churchdress in the house!

    Miss Niya! LOVES it!

    Shannae took a moment from the “goings on” to strike a pose!

    sooo cute!
    Miss Jenny Koko…jus killin’ em! lol, 
    These pictures don’t even come close to showing just how AMAZING this event was. With the looks that people were sporting last night, the entire event was like Fashion Wonderland, in Spring!! so many different, creative, beautiful, pretty, sexy, 
    I don’t think I would’ve had enough memory to capture all the amazingness that there was. You all came out looking beautiful, and with such a positive attitude, oh man the room was soo full of energy! Spring is definitely in the air; crazy vibes, FULL of energy, it was totally RAD!
    Amanda, thank you for everything! Fuzemuze team, you guys were awesome! Thank you,thank you, thank you to every one that came out to support!
    keep a look out for the video!!