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    Why Women Don’t Chase Their Dreams?

    Award-winning life coach and CEO encourages others to strive for success

    What’s the #1 reason we don’t chase after our dreams? You guessed it – failure. Intoxicated by fear, it can cause us to get stuck in situations instead of pushing the boundaries of our own potential. Staying in jobs we don’t like, relationships, or even living situations, fear is the four letter word that stops us from manifesting success. In the business world, there’s a belief that the only way to get ahead is to look out for yourself, but Dr. Stacia Pierce – CEO of LifeCoach2Women.com and founder/host of The Women’s Success Conference – knows better. With a true passion for encouraging others to succeed, Pierce has devoted her life to helping others foster success through organization and daily intention.

    Don’t just buy all the tools and hope for results – put in the practice to ensure success! Discover how you can dream big with these small, yet significant tips from Stacia Pierce:

    • Perfect Your Planning: “Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.” Gloria Steinem got it right! Set a schedule for your goals in Pierce’s Productivity and Profit Planner – a tool specifically designed to help you get more action and traction in your business on a weekly basis. Spend your next Sunday evening getting a headstart on the week ahead with a planner that guides you towards daily profits and picturing success!

    • Journal It Out: Whether you want to focus on specific goal manifestation, expand on product ideas, or just write freely, the Success Journal is your new BFF for all things business. As entrepreneurs, we know our company is about more than just numbers. Digging a little deeper is required homework to discover our truest desires and reach the outcome we want. From healing through the power of words to writing down commanding affirmations, let your pen do the talking with this inspirational journal!

    • Get On Your Goals: A wonderful tool to help you focus on one goal at a time, Success Attraction Goal Cards can bring you closer to manifesting your dreams – big or small! Tuck it into the pockets of your Success Journal or keep the cards around your living area so they are always in your thoughts and on the top of your success to-do list. Small enough to throw in your purse or bag, you can take them out and meditate on each goal – wherever you are!

    A goal without a plan is just a wish – show up for success with the inspirational tools from Stacia Pierce!


    Stacia Pierce’s credentials include 21 published books, the Go Big Coaching Program, the Success Mastery Coaching Program, 37 Journaling Secrets to Success Attraction Course, and a series of lifestyle products. She holds a doctorate of philosophy and religious studies from Friends International University, as well as a doctorate of divinity from St. Thomas College, and has been awarded a Congressional tribute for service as an exemplary life coach. Her website, lifecoach2women.com, features the number one business blog for women, and is a gateway to inspiration, advice, and motivational tools.