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    Explode with Empowerment, featuring “Women’s Book of Courage” by Sue Patton Thoele

    There’s no denying that the world throws many challenges at each of us. Big or small, we could use even the smallest reminders that will help us get through our individual journeys. That is why we here at Mango want to give a book that delivers not only those assurances, but has already provided several ways to thrive for yourself for nearly two decades.

    Woman’s Book of Courage was first released in 2003, and has managed to change the lives of 250,000+ readers in less than two decades. With more than a hundred short entries, psychotherapist and author Sue Patton Thoele offers meditations, affirmations, and true stories that have touched the hearts of so many fellow women to this very day. Yet it doesn’t just have to stop with the ladies. Woman’s Book of Courage offers wisdom to anybody and everybody to incorporate into their daily lives, reminding them that finding their authentic self is just the first step to embracing their best journey.

    Women Empowerment. The Woman’s Book of Courage is a little book with a big message. We can take charge of our lives, stop trying to please other people all the time, and live happily with ourselves and others—right now. In more than a hundred short entries, author and psychotherapist Sue Patton Thoele offers meditations, affirmations, and true stories, including deeply personal, often humorous, revelatory stories of her own sometimes rocky path of personal growth.

    Powerful Affirmations and Meditations. Since it was first published, The Woman’s Book of Courage has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of women. In this revised collection, loving reflections provide wisdom and encouragement to help overcome anxiety, gain self-esteem, acknowledge your own excellence, and improve relationships. Women dealing with transition or recovery or those wishing to enhance personal power will find themselves turning to these meditations over and over again.

    A Self-Help Book for All Women. Thoele is on a mission to help each and every woman uncover her authentic self and tap into her unique wellspring of wisdom and inner-strength. Thoele offers practical tools and gentle guidance to aid in many areas of life, such as:

    • Setting boundaries
    • Changing self-defeating behaviors
    • Increasing compassion for yourself and others

    Readers of motivational books and inspirational books for women like I’ve Been Thinking…Journey to the Heart, or Each Day a New Beginningwill love The Woman’s Book of Courage.

    About Sue Patton Thoele

    Sue Patton Thoele is a licensed psychotherapist and the author of numerous books, including The Woman’s Book of Courage and The Woman’s Book of Soul. She lives with her husband Gene near their extended family.