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    Keepin’ My Glow

    Are you missing that summer glow already? I don’t know how my lovely summer tan has faded already. With this quick and easy trick you’ll be able to fake a gorgeous tan without stepping into a tanning booth or slathering on self-tanner and taking risk that you’ll turn orange. Just because winter is coming around the corner doesn’t mean you can’t still show off those sexy legs!

    Mix your favorite body lotion with a golden shimmery powder. Add a few sprinkles of loose bronzer as well if you’d like to add some extra color. Use this instead of your ordinary lotion when you get out of the shower on your legs, arms, and wherever you feel you want to glow! I recommend using this after you shower so your skin is still smooth so you get a nice even coat of shimmer all over once the lotion is absorbed. Best thing about using this is you can add as much powder as you want to achieve the color you want AND it’ll wash away in the shower.
    I recommend using
    Mattify! Cosmetics Body Shimmer
    Mattify! Cosmetics Loose Bronzer
    Jergens Ultra Healing Body Lotion
    You can buy Mattify! Cosmetics’ Body Shimmer and Bronzer as well as all their other products on their website. I highly recommend the body shimmer and bronzer! They’re perfect for any occasion and match any and every skin tone. They’d make a perfect stocking stuffer for the holidays coming up as well!

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