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    Give Cozy This New Year with Sunday Citizen

    Are you in January detox mode already? I am curious are you cutting out or adding in (veggies, vitamins, supplements) as part of your effort to reset in the new year? Or are you continuing and carrying over efforts from last year? Practice self-compassion today as a form of loving yourself. ⁠Sometimes, self-care looks like sitting alone surrounded by your favorite soft things. ⁠

    The world is divided by side, back and stomach sleepers. But we all believe in comfort. ⁠Let’s see what Sunday Citizen can bring to you in the new year of 2021.

    Nube Ribbed Long Cardigan

    Not all heroes wear capes, but there’s something to trailing a long flowing fabric behind you. It’s like wearing a teddy bear – nube pieces are soft, comforting and plush, they are made for cuddling.

    Wake up, put this on and make coffee feeling as if you’re still in bed. It’ll keep you warm even in the coldest of winter days.

    Versailles Throw

    A finely woven double-yarn throw in a pretty pattern that’s perfect for those wanting to add a touch of romantic. Flowery pattern adds a feminine touch and double-snug magic means softness that lasts even after machine washing and drying. Made with two layers of the signature snug fabric blend to keep you warm and super chill (metaphorically speaking).

    This is not nana’s blanket. ⁠Flowers get the modern treatment in this collection: Versailles. Available as a throw, throw pillow, and lumbar pillow.

    Crystal Meditation Pillow

    A soft and sturdy cushion filled natural buckwheat mixed with pieces of amethyst and quartz to support your body during mediation and beyond. Technically you could sit on the floor, but meditating is hard as is even if you’re comfortable. This pillow provides the perfect amount of support to align your body and deepen your practice.

    From your yoga practice to your siesta, the Om collection is made with crystals to help you spread good energy whenever you need it.

    Siesta Modal in&out Jogger

    Be comfortable and stay warm in these yummy pants. Did you know that Modal was originally designed for underwear? Yup, that means this stuff is made for comfort.


    Soft inside and out and oh so cozy. These wear-all-day pieces are great for mixing and matching to create your own day off uniform. Named after naps for a reason, the Siesta Modal fabric is pure loungewear perfection: soft, breathable, stretchy and forever soft.

    Crystal Powered Sleep Mask

    A one-size-fits-most, soft, elastic and antimicrobial eye mask that helps promote sleep by creating total darkness and relaxation, thanks to a powerful band of tiny natural crystal beads around the forehead. A lot of people swear by sleeping masks because pitch-black darkness helps achieve truly deep sleep. Sunday Citizen also has a lightweight band filled with natural gemstones that radiate soothing energy that may be healing and helpful for activities such as meditation or even just a 3-minute breather.

    From your yoga practice to your siesta, the Om collection is made with crystals to help you spread good energy whenever you need it.

    About Sunday Citizen’s products:

    Sunday Citizen got a soft spot when it comes to keeping things comfy. That’s why Sunday Citizen has engineered unique fabric blends that promise to be always soft, are durable and easy to wash! Sunday Citizen wants you to be covered in softness on the moments where it matters most: while you’re in bed, just relaxing at home and when it comes to your little ones. For Sunday Citizen’s three collections, they are focused on creating modern designs that not only make you look good, but more importantly they make you feel great!
    About Sunday Citizen’s story:

    It all started with a luxury hotel owner who was on a quest to find the softest blankets. Unhappy with the blankets the market had to offer, he partnered with a textile engineer to make his very own super soft blanket. The result was a blanket that was so soft, durable, and cozy that they decided to share it with the world. But blankets are just the beginning. Why not take this uniquely soft fabric, and outfit the world?

    And just like that, Sunday Citizen’s three collections were born. Sunday Citizen’s team are textile experts and comfort lovers, dedicated to sourcing and curating the very best fabrics for similar indulgent souls.

    Sunday Citizen are curators of soft. Seekers of chill. They believe in comfort over everything. Fabrics so disruptively soft they make you hit the snooze button one more time. Products so radically cozy, you’ll rejoice when the night out gets cancelled.

    Sunday Citizen crafts pieces for citizens of the Sunday lifestyle.

    • If you are serious about making time for yourself.
    • If you love power naps, cat naps, naps with cats, 2-hour naps, caffeinated naps, and siestas.
    • If you feel your best when you’re comfortable.
    • If you believe that there’s no such thing as time wasted.
    • If softness is the object of your desire.

    We see you, Sunday Citizen.

    For the good mood, good sleep is so important – there’s good reason you’re seeing these everywhere; they are amazing. Gentle pressure evenly presses down on you to make you feel safe, comforted and relaxed. They can lower anxiety, provide better sleep, and even alleviate pain. Sunday Citizen weighted blankets are forever soft and filled with natural quartz and amethyst to harness natural healing energy and create the best sleep of your life.

    ⁠If your New Year’s Resolution was to sharpen your skills in the kitchen, you need a super soft set of clothes to do it in. This year of 2021, resolve to make more time for yourself. To do what you can to feel your very best. To truly believe there is no such thing as time wasted. ⁠