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    The Softest Loungewear You’ve Ever Worn

    After spending most of 2020 indoors, Christmas is coming and so is the new year – so it’s a great time for you and your family to up their cozy game. Sunday Citizen’s new Siesta Modal line of Lazy Pullovers, In & Out Joggers, In & Out Hoodies, and Weekend Shorts is possibly the softest Loungewear on the market.

    Radically soft clothing that’s made for lounging,
    but chic enough to face the outside (if you must).

    What’s the best way to describe Siesta line? Easy… Easy to put on, easy to wear all day and night, easy to care, and so easy to love.

    Siesta Modal In&out Hoodie

    A hooded sweater that’s so soft you’ll want to wear all day and so cool that you’ll be able to.

    Siesta Modal Weekend Shorts

    Cozy extra-soft shorts that fit just right and can be used from stay-at-home office to couch to coffee-run.

    Siesta Modal Lazy Pullover

    A loose fitting pullover that’s  a little stretchy, breathable, and gloriously soft.
    In other words, the ideal day-off garb.

    Siesta Modal in&out Jogger

    Be comfortable and stay warm in these yummy pants.

    • made to feel good – Did you know that Modal was originally designed for underwear? Yup, that means this stuff is made for comfort.
    • perfect for days off – Named after naps for a reason, Siesta Modal fabric is pure loungewear perfection: soft, breathable, stretchy and forever soft.

    Siesta Modal Loungewear is radically soft clothing that’s made for lounging, but chic enough to wear outside. At Sunday Citizen, they develop the world’s softest things (think comforters, pillows, blankets…), and the Siesta Modal Loungewear is right in line with their bedding. Sunday Citizen originally developed the Modal fabric to be used for underwear because of its comfort and softness, but decided to use it for Loungewear.

    About Sunday Citizen:

    It all started with a luxury hotel owner who was on a quest to find the softest blankets. Unhappy with the blankets the market had to offer, he partnered with a textile engineer to make his very own super soft blanket. The result was a blanket that was so soft, durable, and cozy that they decided to share it with the world. But blankets are just the beginning. Why not take this uniquely soft fabric, and outfit the world? And just like that, Sunday Citizen three collections were born. They are textile experts and comfort lovers, dedicated to sourcing and curating the very best fabrics for similar indulgent souls.

    Sunday Citizen craft pieces for citizens of the Sunday lifestyle. If you are serious about making time for yourself. If you love power naps, cat naps, naps with cats, 2-hour naps, caffeinated naps, and siestas. If you feel your best when you’re comfortable.