• Toronto

    Yoga in Motion

    Last weekend I attended the Mount Sinai Hospital Breast Cancer Fundraiser called Yoga in Motion. It was a very inspirational and knowledgable event. I left feeling content and inspired to take on the world. There were some women that I had talked to, who basically did it all: work, raising kids alone- since they were single moms, and battling breast cancer. I don’t know how they did it, but they did and that was truly amazing.

    The event was fun, and really busy. Here are some shots!

    The ladies and men, starting off their yoga.

    The lovely ladies from Cooking Greens. Such delicious food! I want more!! *swoons* – Bella you foodie, you would love it!

    I met Rebecca from Arbonne. And she was lovely of course. PLUS she told me about these little bad boys. Basically they are tiny little candy like protein chews. Mmmm.


    Marc from Sweets from the Earth, told me about their cupcakes and how their frosting are made from lavender flower petals. I almost died. PLUS he also gave me a free sample of chocolate fudge cake, and I LOVED IT! And it’s all natural and good for you- bonus!

    I met Beth Godfrey the jewellary designer. And ladies I was in love with her stuff. I wanted it all. And I still do. These particular bracelets are to support Yoga in Motion/ Mount Sinai Hospital. And they are only $10. Check out Beth Godfrey Jewellery.

    I metĀ the girlsĀ from Eco Jot. Eco Jot is an eco friendly note book company. If you buy one notebook, they send another notebook to a child in need. So go to the website and purchase one!

    That’s it for now. It’ was a great event and I thank Whitney and Oriel for inviting me out. Can’t wait for next year!! Check out Yoga in Motion for other sponsors/vendors/people and what ways you can help.

    xo, Tanya