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    Melanie Fiona : 4am

    Something about Melanie Fiona’s tracks tend to kill me softly, feeling like words from my mind. Somewhere between her melodic voice and relevant content is a place where heart strings are tugged by the tightest of muscles and… Explosion! Here comes another banger! This is obviously not the first time I’ve ever covered Ms. Fiona’s singles, I’m in love with her voice and 100% love and appreciate the recognition that her success is bringing to #Toronto. So press ►, have a listen & talk to me… tell me what gets you ‘feelin’ kinda crazy at 4am’… #xoxo


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    Let’s talk about STRESS

    I think that this time on the calendar is one of the most stressful times in a year, the time of year (in Toronto at least) when the heat cools down and the calm, ‘lax, lifestyle becomes the time to analyze what’s next and drive harder than ever before. All positive vibes, no doubt, but with this positivity… also tends to come… STRESS! I’m not going to pretend, myself included, so I decided to look into some ‘stress relievers’ and of course here are some good ones for you… xo

    YOGA – I love yoga, I use it, it works, try it

    SEX – quote: “women exhibited less of a stress response after ‘positive physical contact’ with a partner”.

    EXERCISE – pick one, there are a million, may I suggest something that involves a bag?

    FOOD – always does wonders, in moderation

    TALKING – What woman doesn’t want to talk to someone they trust about the things that stress them out? If you are a one who doesn’t, please comment, and kudos to you 😉

    HERBAL SOLUTIONS – some enjoy tea, others enjoy natural enhalation… for the ideal candidate, this is a great de-stresser

    SLEEP – most of us, especially the hard working go getters, don’t get enough of this… depending on what decides enough is

    FUN – with all the stress that life throws our way, it always helps when we remember to have fun

    MASSAGE – all I say to this is “MMMmmm”

    Hope this helps Loves… xoxo

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    Passion + Inspire!

    Thank you for having LongOverdew speak at Derrydown Public School! Given the chance to inspire young minds and tell the story of ‘following your PASSION’, LongOverdew had the opportunity to be a guestspeaker for the coolest Gr 4 & 5’s in Toronto!

    Passionate about what you do? Want to be a guest speaker at Derrydown PS? Email Mickella! mickellas@hotmail.com