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    In Style Chicks:
    MAGIC was in the air and all the fashion girls and boys collided at the biannual tradeshow at the LVCC. I was lucky to swing by the Ghostbar at the Palms on Monday for the DIMEPIECE party and then to TAO at the Venetian on Weds as well as TRYST at Wynn that same night and got some Hussy love. All in all, my general impression of the style of dress in Vegas is FLY – girls are just daring, colorful, whimsical and sexy. Check it out, tell me what you think!

    Dope things about Vegas:
    The monorail takes you between all the hotels along the strip! I saw the lion den at MGM (didnt stick around for the lions tho) and the pirate boat at Treasure Island, the Venice boats at the Venetian, violin rock chicks live at Tao and billions of people. Nice people who enjoy the lights, the economy and numerous jobs, the tourists, the OLD vegas.

    Not dope things about Vegas:
    Indoor thunderstorm simulation inside the mall – very odd! I will post the youtube link to that shortly. Taxis do NOT stop in Vegas, you can only catch one at major hotels because of the number of accidents and robberies that has happened throughout the year. If you ever want to empathize with a muffin in the oven, go to Vegas midAUG and you will feel the heat like you have never ever felt before. Oh for those of you who use florescent bulbs in your home, please tell someone in VEGAS to stop with the incandescent bulbs already! woah! I bet the energy consumption rate there is INSANELY high