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    Event LOVE: Casa Sauza Tequila Tasting!

    I went to an awesome tequila tasting event this past Tuesday, and had so much fun, even though I woke up with the MOTHER of all hangovers the next day! To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Sauza Tequila treated us to a festive evening of authentic Mexican music, delicious tequila-infused foods, and a guided tasting of Casa Sauza Tequilas led by industry expert, Mike McLean.This is when my trip to Tequila heaven began…

    This is when all the fun began…

    The Mariachi band was great!

    sipped on a few (A LOT) more of these… so good.

    Meant to snack on some of these, but the Tequila had me!

    Always a pleasure seeing Brittany 🙂

    Then it was time for the Tequila Tasting…

    The Sauza Gold, and the Tres Generaciones Plata were my favorites!

    Dan and Meg were there!

    Came home with a bottle of Hornitos Reposado, that I’m afraid to even look at after that hangover, but I’ll get over it, can’t deny some good tequila!

    Thank you so much to the Praxis team for inviting me, I always have an awesome time with you all!