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    English Diary: Day 1

    As I’m sure you have already assumed… with all the explicit tabloid coverage of Heathrow Airport… my journey home for x-mas has been a little more than eventful! The trip that was supposed to begin on December 19 was a whirlwind of cancellations that began on the 18th… fortunately for myself, a little angel at British Airways (who’s daughter I’ve been bff’s with since we were 4) made a first-class miracle and now I sit here blogging to you from Yorkshire, England!!!

    Not only is there a snow issue in ‘The Queen’s country’, but there’s also an oil issue so I sit here, wrapped in Mum’s sweater and a red egyptian cotton blanky from Next, freezing my ass off as the oil is on back delivery for two weeks and Mum says we must be ration-al! *smh*

    None-the-less, I wouldn’t ask to be anywhere else… Mum, my step dad (Chris) & my sister’s (Ava & Zoe) are out here and the baby in me can’t resist being with them for the holidays! So, I’ll enjoy updating you on all the things I love (and don’t) about my country and it’s culture… beginning with this…
    as discussed with my girl Caitlin, before leaving, the typical food here is less than appealing. Don’t get me wrong, I love a bread-pud, curry gravy and mushy peas, as much as the next girl but there’s something gross about hopping off the plane in to the pub to have breaded and fried skampy, chips, camembert, meat pie and what seems like every other food you can imagine. Needless to say Mum also grabbed fruit, veg, chicken breast, turkey cuts and the rest of ‘my food’ (as she calls it) while at Tescos.

    Current local time is 18:22 and Mum’s just put tea on the table (chicken, rice & carrots and mash), she and I are headed to Meadowhall tonight (one of my fav shopping cntrs here, I’ll be sure to twit pic for ya) to finish up our last min giffies… as it closes at midnight tonight! Fortunately for me, most of my gifts have been bought so topshop/selfridges/primark here I comeeee!!!

    Shay xoxo

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