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    Spring Beauty Besties by Vegan Trust Fund Beauty

    Snag fresh, new favorites this spring with Trust Fund Beauty. Whether it’s their bold, beautiful nail polish or handy highlighter, this creative cosmetics brand has got your look covered. Step into spring with an array of adorable accessories from a company that not only maintains the highest level of quality – they’ve got a sense of humor too. With snarky, colorful names for each product, Trust Fund Beauty brings a dash of fun to your everyday beauty routine.

    Show off your sexy spring style with new pretty pastel polishes from Trust Fund Beauty. Say hello to a girls night out with the stunningly shimmery hues of the new Boy Bye spring shade or if you’re looking to impress a celeb, glide on the unique neon green of Celebrity Crush. 

    Go gorgeous and green with the soothing tones of Herbal Remedy or if you want to take more shelfies this year, go with the magical Mermaid Vibes tint.

    Look stunning for spring with the best defense for your skin – Trust Fund Beauty’s new primer and highlighter!

    • Gimme Good Face (Primer)Be beautiful and ethical with this 20ml bottle of brilliance. Like a selfie filter for your face, this primer lets no flaws show by smoothing out any imperfections to leave you looking your best. The light eucalyptus scent will soothe your skin and keep it silky while it blurs those lines and wrestles wrinkles.
    • That Glo Tho (Highlighter)Stow away this super secret weapon for spring. Highlight your best assets with this high performance product that comes on smooth and lasts all day and night. Our fluffy friends approve –That Glo Tho is vegan, cruelty-free and not tested on animals. 

    When it comes to nailing trends, Trust Fund Beauty is always two steps ahead of the rest. With their bright, bold colors and trendy tones, you can trust this brand will bring you the hottest shades for every season!

    Stay unapologetically fabulous – visit trustfundbeauty.com to spoil yourself this season.