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    Great Wine for A Fun Home Staying Memorial Day Weekend

    Drinking a bottle of delicious wine at your own balcony, I don’t think I miss bars at all. Home drinking can still be fun and enjoyable. The Clambake wines are delicious and perfect for upcoming warm weather.
    Mary McAuley (Credit: Ripe Life Wines)
    Founder, Mary McAuley’s inspiration was simple – she was a beach obsessed sommelier (and French Culinary Institute grad) tasked with picking the wines for her friends annual clambake on the Jersey shore.  When she couldn’t find exactly what she was looking for, she rolled up her sleeves and made them herself for the next year with premium Mendocino grapes.
    The result?  A bright, unoaked Chardonnay that is light, clean and smooth, and a delicate, fruit-forward floral rose. While they conjure up images of shoreside seafood feast, they are perfect to sip wherever you are, as an aperitif or with a wide variety of warm weather dishes Mary can suggest.
    Now let me introduce these two amazing wines for your summer 2020. They are great for a stay-home Memorial Day weekend, drinking good wines and eating seafoods. That sounds a fun and lovely long weekend should be.
    The Clambake
    Un-Oaked Chardonnay
    This unoaked Chardonnay isn’t your typical big, buttery Chardonnay. This single-vineyard Mendocino Chardonnay is picked slightly under-ripe, and aged in stainless steel tanks, resulting in an atypically light, clean and smooth expression of California Chardonnay. Letting the grapes from this amazing region speak for themselves.
    RIPE LIFE WINES winemaking techniques result in a Chardonnay that is curiously delicate with notes of lemon verbena, green apple citrus zest and crisp minerality that will make your clambake food sing a little louder… and cut through that delicious better, too. But Chardonnay is still king so there’s still enough richness and boy to stand up to all those potatoes and lobsters staring ‘atcha.
    The Clambake
    Limited Edition Rosé
    For Clambake Limited Edition Rosé 2015 and 2016, RIPE LIFE WINES have selected some of the very best old-vine carignan from Mendocino they every seen. Picked in its youth and crushed ever so lightly, RIPE LIFE WINES have created a Rosé with both delicate, flawless and acid-driven structure, but also only extracting the best juice out of the grapes for the best flavor.
    Refreshingly crisp, this Rosé backbone if the perfect match for a seafood feast, notes of wild strawberry, bing cherry candied citrus, and light florals dazzle on the palate in a wine that is light, dry, and wonderfully smooth. The flavor profile will bring out the very best in claw meat, steamers, sweet corn, and everything in between, but perfect on it’s own as well.
    For more information, you can check out The Clambake wines at  www.ripelifewines.com.