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    WAKE UP. KICK ASS. REPEAT. – Outlaw Soaps

    In the wild and woody foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, a small but diligent band of outlaws forge soaps, lotions, colognes, and other products so powerfully awesome they could change your LIFE.

    Outlaw Soaps a company for adventurous people, by adventurous people. They live like the products they make: they love campfire, whiskey, and ill-advised explosions… standing a little too close, but being sure to wear fire-proof clothes.

    We know there’s a time for quiet conversations and a time for asking your friend to hold your beer because you’ve got a great idea. (note: it’s never a great idea… and that’s why there’s YouTube)

    The founders, Russ and Danielle have built a business around what they find fun and interesting. It’s not for everyone… They get a lot of bruises in the regular course of life. Their hair is usually a mess and they probably have dirty fingernails.

    But it’s their life, and it’s pretty darn fun. If that sounds fun to you (or someone you know), you’ll probably like their products. If not, well, there are a million other companies for you, and that’s totally fine. No hard feelings.

    This personal care purveyor puts the “Yippee Ki Yay” back in your day with soaplotionbody washdeodorantsolid cologne, and more; all made in the USA. Outlaw creates the scent profiles that help you get down with your bad self. Get rodeo-ready with scents like Fire in the HoleBlazing Saddles, and The Gambler. Individual products start at $10 and Bi-monthly subscription boxes ranging from $16-$55.  Also available at Amazon.com.

    Explosively Awesome!

    • Smells of campfire, black powder, sagebrush, dirt, bacon, and whiskey.
    • Made with love and laughter (and all-vegan oils.)
    • Bruh, do you even soap?
    • Safer than lighting a fire in your bathroom.
    • No explosives training necessary.
    • Feels like you’re camping (without the nighttime wombat attacks.)


    Explosively Awesome!

    • Smells of campfire, black powder, sagebrush, dirt, bacon, and whiskey.
    • Made with love and laughter (and other natural ingredients)
    • Bruh, do you even cologne?
    • Safer than lighting a fire in your bathroom.
    • No explosives training necessary.
    • Feels like you’re camping (without the nighttime wombat attacks.)


    Know what that sound is? It’s the sound of beginning your amazing day layering on the gorgeous, earthy scents of campfire, whiskey, and the outdoors. Fire in the Hole Natural Campfire Body Wash and cologne let you go camping without even leaving the bathroom. (Which will remind you how much you like to go camping, and then increase the number of times you go camping.) So imbibe freely, light some fireworks and suds up with soap and sexy with cologne that smells like campfire.


    The desert Western romance everywhere you go.

    • Smells of desert sage, sandalwood, and a lightly smoky campfire.
    • Makes your skin silky smooth and so (so!) kissable.
    • Delightfully sudsy.
    • Feels like showering outdoors without everyone judging your technique.
    • Made with love and laughter (and all-vegan oils.)
    • Feels like a journey through the desert to a sultry oasis rendezvous.

    You’ve been on that lusty dusty trail for quite some time. Sometimes you ride solo, and other times you partner up. This is one of them ‘other’ times. It’s your old flame from back home, all grown up and comin’ toward, a twinkle in their eye and no ring on their finger. There are pleasantries, but you both know the deal. You’re drawn to each other like magnetized bunnies. It’s hot. Too hot. Ouch. But it’s going to happen right here, right now on the ground.


    • Soap that smells like bourbon, tobacco, and coffee, for that wake-me-up-with-whiskey feeling
    • Formulated with an all-vegan combination of oils that is both delightfully sudsy in the shower and leaves your skin silky smooth and, if you wish, sooooo kissable (though we’re not getting all up in your boundaries)
    • May make you late to work if your partner catches you coming out of the shower

    What a fricken’ amazing way to shower your morning to a brilliant start.

    This isn’t any ol’ sock-ya-in-the-mouth-with-whiskey hangover cure soap, this is a smooth blend of fine bourbon whiskey mixed with rich tobacco, and finished with a smooth finish of leather.

    It’s like a relaxing massage of scents, washing away your concerns and troubles of the day. It won’t make you smell like a distillery, either.

    Give it a try, satisfaction 100% guaranteed that you’ll love it.

    About Outlaw Soaps

    Founded on March 15, 2013, Outlaw Soaps creates personal care products for people who seek out adventure and reject a couch-bound life.

    Urban Daddy wrote “If you could somehow fuse the general feel of colonial America with the general mad genius soap-mastery of Tyler Durden from Fight Club, you’d get… something really weird. Like these soaps. Which, by personal hygiene fragrance standards, are a little weird. Good weird.”

    Outlaw Soaps has been featured in Cowboys & Indians Magazine (print), WIRED, Food Network Magazine (print), VICEUncrateOprah.comFab.comCool Material,ThrillistThe Awesomer, and Urban Daddy.

    Outlaw Soaps products are available on OutlawSoaps.com, on Amazon.com, and at select retailers worldwide (check our “Where to Buy” page). Outlaw Soaps are also available in Northern California Whole Foods Markets.