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    Make a Fashion Statement with @hydenyoo

    Last Wednesday Hyden Yoo had his fall 2012 Presentation. If you were lucky enough to be at The Hudson Library at 3pm you were able to catch a glimpse of his stylish collection.

    Yoo “draws inspiration from a classic tale of the unattainable woman and the man that pines for her.” A New York based fashion designer that offers looks for both men and women, Yoo has taken his style to a new kind of modern.

    He takes the look of both Wall Street bankers and Brooklyn hipsters to create one final dramatic piece.

    Small details, quirky prints, bold colors…

    Paulson BlazerAlbert TeeFiona DressPenelope Sweater

    “The women who wear his pieces make a perfect counterpart for the Hyden Yoo man.” Well said.

    For men, the color ranges from browns to greys with fabric of flannel, corduroy, wool, & cotton twills. The leather & suede add more sophistication if needed. And for the counterpart, there is more color like fuchsia, different blues, floral patterns & prints, etc.

    Check out more of Yoo’s collection at Hyden Yoo and on his Facebook page! Shop from shorts, pants, dresses, sweaters, to outerwear!