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    This Holiday Season, Take Creativity and Customization to the Next Level with RoseArt and LAUR diy

    Holiday season again, looking for some different things for kids this year? I know kids always love something more creative and fun.

    For 2018, I am so excited to introduce you two lovely toys – CREATIVE CAFE BARISTA BAR, where kids can froth and flavor real milk to create dazzling lattes like a true barista! And LAUR diy Craft Kits, which are for older kids and teens/young adults.

    With the Creative Café Barista Bar you can be a future barista! Creative endless latte looks with just milk. Make yummy chocolate or strawberry drinks with real foamy froth on top.

    Creative Café Barista Bar

    $29.99 | Age: 6+


    • Frothing Unit
    • Frothing Pitcher
    • 3 Stencils
    • 2 Shaker Bottles
    • 2 Spoons
    • 4 Paper Cups
    • 1 Strawberry Flavor Mix
    • 1 Chocolate Flavor Mix
    • 4 Recipe & Tip Cards

    You can experience to be your own barista with the Creative Café Barista Bar. It is kids safe – no heat! The froth and flavor real milk and dress-it-up with a dazzling design. Two flavor packets including strawberry and chocolate are exactly the favorite flavors for kids. The kit also includes flavor recipe cards for your kids to easily get started.

    We also introduce The LAUR diy Craft Kits to you, they are room decor crafts similar to the DIY crafts on the LaurDIY channel. The kits include all the tools and components you need!

    The LAUR diy Craft Kits are the toys that you can interact with kids to build the diy crafts together. They are also good for the teenager members in the family, building the good relationships for the cousins who don’t see each other often.

    The LAUR diy Craft Kits have partnered with Lauren Riihimaki to make LaurDIY inspired kits for her 15+ million followers across all social media channels. Lauren Riihimaki is a YouTube entertainer with a DIY YouTube channel called LaurDIY. She makes creative and cute videos featuring crafty tutorials, life hacks, and room decor ideas.

    Illuminating Lamp Kit

    $14.99 | Age: 8+

    • Construct a 3D night light for your room.
    • Paint the globe with water color paints in LaurDIY colors and use a salt technique to create a cool texture on the globe.
    • The color changing light radiates through the small triangles to leave an awesome design on the wall.

    Mini Plushie Kit

    $14.99 | Age: 8+

    • Create your own mini sweet treat plushies!
    • These plushies are super easy to make with pre-cut felt pieces.
    • Stuff them with the included stuffing and decorate with cute faces.

    Balloon Unicorn Kit

    $14.99 | Age: 8+

    • Create your own balloon plush unicorn!
    • The balloon animal comes in a pre-sewn fleece base. After stuffing the tube, you tie it like a balloon animal, but with white twine.
    • We have included gold sequins, gold horn, and colorful fabric strips to make a unicorn.

    I believe now you have a wonderful gift idea for the kids. With these toys you will be having a great time with kids during holiday season and let them fall in love with DIY crafting!