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    The Flex Brush and Spray – The Ultimate Detangling Duo for Wet & Dry Hair

    The ideal gift for everyone on your holiday shopping list is The Flex Brush™, the ultimate detangling brush. With an incredibly versatile design, The Flex Brush™ is great for aging hair, thin or fine hair, sensitive scalps, children’s hair, thick or coarse hair, men’s hair and hair extensions. The Flex Brush™ acts as a detangler that can be used to blow dry and style hair, and keeps hair healthy by decreasing damage with its gentle bristles and flexible spine.

    To avoid damaging hair during daily brushing and styling, celebrity hair stylist Angelo David, owner Angelo David Salon in New York City, partnered with hair-tool veteran Jacob Guttman, founder and CEO of Creative Pro Hair tools, to create The Flex Brush™. Unlike most conventional hair brushes, the spine of The Flex Brush™ moves forward and back, and side to side. As you brush your hair, it will move with the curvature of your scalp. This helps it naturally detangle the hair and work with it, rather than against it.  To compliment The Flex Brush™, they also developed Flex Spray–a revolutionary leave-in conditioner that increases the hair’s flexibility in order to decrease damage while styling and detangling.

    The Flex Brush XL Mixed Bristle

    SKU: FB-XL-M

    The Flex Brush brush bends and flexes to perfectly meet the contours of your scalp.

    Soft bristles made from boar bristle and flexible nylon is recommended for fine and medium hair textures and for sensitive scalps. Not suitable for tight, coiled hair or very thick curly hair.

    • The Flex Brush XL Mixed Bristle is ideal for all hair types and perfect for extensions.
    • The “Flex” duo detangles safely, massages the scalp and promotes healthy hair and hair growth. The brush’s versatility combined with its flex technology make it the most versatile brush on the market.
    • Curly or straight – dry or wet: The Flex Brush molds to the curvature of your head, detangling knotted hair and cleaning your scalp.
    • The Flex Brush provides the perfect amount of pressure and stimulation, not hurting your scalp and not tearing at your hair like ridged brushes.
    • The Flex Brush maintains direct contact with your scalp, easily detangling hair, flexing to release knots gently rather than tearing through the tangle.
    • The Flex Brush massages your scalp and stimulates your capillaries, therefore increasing blood circulation in your scalp and transporting oxygen and nutrients to the hair stem, root and bulb.
    • The bristle is harvested humanly and sheared the same way wool is sheared. No harm to the animal.
    • The Flex Brush sizes can be used on all hair lengths.

    To order yours or to purchase it as a gift, visit www.theflexbrush.com

    Angelo David Salon is located at 420 Madison Avenue, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10017

    For more information about The Flex BrushTM, please visit: www.theflexbrush.com

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