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    Give and Get what you want @TheGiftNetwork

    Ever get a gift you didn’t want?  The Gift Network is the solution to picky newly weds and make registry really fun and most importantly USEFUL!

    ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT Everyone Wins – The Gift Giver and Receiver

    The Gift Network — All Kinds of Gifts.  All Kinds of Stores.  One Registry.

    Registering at ‘big box’ retailers has become complicated, stuffy and inconvenient.  We would like to introduce your viewers to the NEWEST

    WAY TO SHOP: The Gift Network, offering members flexibility and unique products.  TheGift Network presents the opportunity for brides, expecting mothers and lovers of retail to experience a shopping and gifting service that is not offered anywhere in thecountry.  This revolutionary concept of shopping provides the ultimate process of gifting where everyone wins, and in the end, you get the gifts that you really want. Currently launched in Toronto, The Gift Network is poised for national expansion in 2012.


    1. Browse over 100 retailers to register for unique gifts and place those items in order of preference on your registry page
    2. Chip-in feature allows big ticket items to be purchased by multiple people, like a piece of art of furniture

    3. The Gift Network Gift Card provides ultimate flexibility. Redeemable at over 100 store partner locations, users will never feel “stuck” with credit to one store

    4. Gift  acceptance settings allow users to reject any purchased gift and redeem full value for the Gift Network Gift Card to decide what they want later

    At the end of it all, users receive the gifts that they really want and are not left with oodles of Corningware and a gift certificate to one retailer limiting the aesthetic of their gifts.

    This is the ultimate gift experience where everyone wins. It’s time to let people register for what they need and what they want.

    About The Gift Network
    The Gift Network is a free online service that allows users to create a universal gift registry consisting of all kinds of gifts, from all kinds of
    stores across the GTA, in a central system online at TheGiftNetwork.com.  The gift registry market has remained unchanged for years, but The Gift Network challengesthe status quo maintained by department stores by bringing together independent retailers, and making their diverse inventory available in one simple registry.

    With over 90 retailers and thousands of products, The Gift Network provides the ultimate selection in exceptional and unique gifts. From traditional items such as kitchenware and linens, to the less conventional, such as fine art and fitness equipment, users will now have unprecedented variety when registering for their event.

    The Gift Network is distinctive in its innovative elements that simplify a once complicated process. Users have the ability to list their gifts in order of preference, convert gifts into credit, or register for The Gift Network Gift Card, which allows them to spend their credit with any associated retailer. Event guests benefit too, as all of their gift buying can be done online at the click of a mouse.

    Flexibility, simplicity and variety are fundamental to any quality gift registry. The Gift Network was clearly developed with each of these factors at its core. With further developments on the horizon, such as plans for additional features and even more products, the launch of this exciting new company will change how people register, where people register and the overall landscape of the Toronto registry market.
    **Here is my REGISTRY in case you are feeling generous —>>> Registry Id: 641