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    Perfecting Your Summer Skincare Routine with Three Ships

    Looking for ways to cut back on waste without jeopardizing your summer skincare routine?

    Consider, the all-natural vegan skincare brand Three Ships. It formulates sustainably-minded skincare products that are environmentally friendly while also being wallet-friendly (everything is under $40.00). From upcycled ingredients to sustainable packaging, Three Ships is here to help you flawlessly transition to a waste-free skincare routine.

    Its Purify Aloe + Amino Acid Cleanser, offers a gentle cleanse that replenishes the skin’s moisture barrier without stripping natural oils.

    A natural skin conditioning tonic, Calm Lavender Hydrosol Toner is great for reducing redness with aloe vera, rebalancing the skin, and you can pop it in the fridge for a refreshing afternoon mist.

    Every Three Ships product is packaged in sustainable glass bottles which can be recycled endlessly to reduce longterm waste.

    At Three Ships, they believe in a highly iterative and customer driven development process. All of their formulations start with polling their community to ask what product they want to release next.

    Armed with this data, Three Ships then work closely with their chemists to create several variations of the new product. They test these formulations, and send the best one to a group of power users. After the product has been tested for 2 weeks, they collect the feedback and iterate the formulation once more before then going through rigorous stability and microbial testing. The final product is one that has been tested rigorously before manufactured in Canada and released to the market.