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    Makeup and Skincare All in One…No Way?!


    Nowadays there are SO many beauty brands doing mineral makeup. I’m introducing yet another company breaking into the mineral cosmetics industry… but what sets Mineral Essence apart?

    I’m a huge fan of mineral makeup but never count on it to cover blemishes or imperfections…it just doesn’t cut it! Well don’t let this mineral makeup fool you. It actually provides coverage! Every Mineral Essence formula is meant to provide optimal coverage while simultaneously protecting the skin. Their objective is simple: flawless skin from the inside out. The formulas contain a unique ingredient, Anti-Oxyzomes to help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, along with all natural ingredients including a natural SPF (titanium dioxide).

    Not only are the foundations great, the eye shadows blew. me. away.! I wasn’t expecting too much, just annoying fall out and no pay off…yuck! But, I was pleasantly surprised! My favorite called 24K is obviously a shade of gold, but not just any gold. Its multidimensional hue, long-lasting wear and incredible pay off has given it serious makeup bag status.

    tested on my hand

    Mineral Essence offers an entire line of cosmetics from foundations to mascaras and brushes to skincare… and everything in between. It’s become one of my favorite brands of 2010. I can’t wait for you to try it! It’s available on their website: www.mineralessence.com, at Sears department stores/online: www.sears.com, and small beauty retailers.