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    it’s never been more important to thoroughly wash your hands! Top Soap makes it easier than ever!

    If your kitchen or bathroom has a sink-mounted countertop soap dispenser, this is the solution for you. TOP SOAP Dish SOAP makes the easy soap refill system for kitchen and bathroom sink mounted soap dispensers.

    You push down on the soap dispenser and…nothing – as usual. I know, it’s so frustrating! Refilling it from the top means a messy overflow of soap all over your counter. Refilling the reservoir from under the sink means clearing out all the cleaning bottles and crawling into the cabinet to unscrew the bottle…What a pain!

    Top Soap is the world’s only easy refill system for your countertop mounted soap dispensers.  Simply remove the pump, insert the spout and squeeze in the top-quality dish soap or moisturizing hand soap. The easy pour spout fits deep inside to avoid spills, and the easy refill pouch is sized just right so you won’t overflow on to your counter.  Now you can quickly and easily refill without the mess!

    • Easy pour spout goes down directly into the soap bottle below the counter to help prevent spills.
    • Each Top Soap pouch is pre-measured to perfectly fill your sink-mounted countertop soap dispenser, so it will never overflow.
    • 100% money back guarantee
    • 100% made in the USA
    • Top Soap Dish Soap: Attacks grease and hard to clean surface stains like coffee so you can wash even the toughest dishes with ease!
    • Top Soap Moisturizing Hand Soap: The all-natural, unscented, aloe-based formula is gentle on your hands but tough on grime.

    Before Top Soap, there were only two ways to refill your soap dispenser. The first method, which is called the “cleaning method,” is where you remove the pump from the top of the dispenser, and then refill the reservoir with soap. With this method, you need to hold it over the hole, stretch over the sink, squeeze the soap into the container, and try not to overfill it. Most of the time, it ends with the cleaning of a soapy countertop. The other method, which we call the “cussing method,” is where you need to crawl under the sink after removing the cleaning products, reaching back and fumbling around to find the reservoir, removing it, filling it up with soap, and being careful not to overfill. Then you have to crawl back, fumble around some more, reattach the reservoir, and finally, come out under the sink without hitting your head.

    Now, with Top Soap, refilling your dispenser is simple and hassle-free. Simply remove the pump from the top of the dispenser, make sure our refill pack matches the size of the soap reservoir you have, remove the lid, place the spout of the pack into the opening of the soap dispenser, and squeeze in the soap. Reinstall the pump and you are done! Saves time and no mess!