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    A night with Penicullus Bellum part two

    The lovely Gail McInnes and myself. More pictures! Vanessa you totally rock because you saved me from melting! xo The lovely ladies of Two Girls in Fashion– Renee and Nicole Septembre A and friends šŸ™‚ The greeting…lol party people are you looking at her skin?! jealous lol always a good time with Septembre A So nice to meet you Karen- Sway Magazine Can you tell the wine was getting to me? Lol. So nice to see you again Christie! Julio-Fashionights and myself, he’s so fun! Hey it’s Anita! More party people! @MrFASHION you are wonderful! I laughed and smiled so much that my cheeks hurt by the time I got…

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    An evening with Penicullus Bellum part one

    Last night myself and many others attended theĀ Penicullus Bellum Fall/Winter 2011 presentation at the spoke club on King. There was music, food, drinks, and everybody was chatting, laughing, smiling, hugging; it was so awesome. It was nice to run into some familiar faces, with the highlights of the night being the fashion show of course, not to mention all the new people that I met and now love! A little about Penicullus Bellum: The line is described as a young avant-garde outerwear line for both men and women, and it’s defined by detailed design and construction. The line is locally designed and produced in Toronto and strives to maintain a…

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    JUZD is the world’s first bamboo streetwear line and Jing Liu is the brains behind it. Running a fashion business is never boring… Find out what he is up to! www.twitter.com/iamsharky *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*