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    Event LOVE: #TOStyleMarket funtimes! @auwai_inc @katrinamckay

    PicsArt_1367029696431One of our favourite Toronto stylists Tamika Auwai invited us to a pop-up shopping event- The 2nd Floor Style Market, that she was hosting over at The Spoke Club on King Street, featuring stylish local fashion and beauty brands. We got to enjoy cocktails and snack on hors d’oeuvres while browsing through some of Toronto’s most stylish local brands.


    Monica of Aime Luxury rocking the hell out of those pants!!20130426_205932

    the cutest πŸ™‚20130426_205937


    IN LOVE WITH THIS JACKET!20130426_210417

    Elana loved the dress πŸ™‚

    Pure Aime Luxury goodness!20130426_210444

    Can I just have everything? Please?20130426_210457

    I need these pants…20130426_210650

    OMG this Rubix Cub purse by Hyper Cube Apparel!20130426_210802

    More Hyper Cube Apparel πŸ™‚

    Selfies are a must πŸ™‚20130426_211326

    I like it…20130426_211539

    Gah! This should be mine…NOW.


    I got my face beat πŸ™‚20130426_213225

    Inspire Cosmetics was in the house!20130426_213248

    Kelley hooked me up! I was looking all kinds of exhausted, and she brought life to my face πŸ™‚20130426_213335

    This make-up is AMAZING. JUST AMAZING.20130426_213502

    Pretty πŸ™‚

    She made all that jewellery!20130426_213532

    and these too20130426_213817

    I live for a Kaftan… A silk Kaftan though??? YES LAWD!20130426_213930

    She makes gorgeous one of a kind Kaftans!20130426_214020

    I love me some rings!- Laborde Designs20130426_214149

    Kristen of Laborde Designs!

    Need. Need. NEEEEED.20130426_214339

    Gorgeous, and the stones are smooth as butter!- Laborde Designs

    Hey Girl HEY!20130426_214702

    Tamika and Elana πŸ™‚20130426_215728

    Shop Jayu all day err day πŸ™‚20130426_215748

    More Shop for Jayu goodness20130426_215817


    YES PLEASE.20130426_220440

    That hair!!!!20130426_220716


    yes honey! Loving this Seru bag20130426_221245

    I don’t think I’ve ever owned a bag like this or this colour… Total must have

    Despite being exhausted, I was instantly full of energy once I saw all of the amazing stuff that was on display!

    Did I mention that I LOVE this jacket?PicsArt_1367030610554

    and this purse? PicsArt_1367037373014 PicsArt_1367037576023

    I love me some cute bags and clutches!

    Thank you so much to Tamika and Katrina for inviting us, I had a lovely time, and I can’t wait for the next one!!


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    Back To Style with @TOEatonCentre

    The Toronto Eaton Centre is currently running a Back To Style program that offers free private style consults for back to school 2012, and even though I’m not going back to school this fall (thank G-d), I still wanted to see what this program was all about. So I met up with Laura, my style consultant and she took me around Eaton Centre, taking me to different Β stores that she thought would carry fashion and accessories that would suit my style.

    Laura suggested these for me… She was totally on the money, I saw these and fell in love!

    and this…

    I also got to meet with Meredith Vlitas, Senior Marketing Director for the Eaton Centre, and after bombarding her with questions I found out that the Back To Style program isn’t only for back to school students, it’s for everybody! So whether you’re looking for a new fall wardrobe or just want to spice things up, the Toronto Eaton Centre style consultants are more than happy to help you. She also says that the program may run again next summer, and a few more times during the year!

    Back To Style Consultant Laura Leroux was awesome!

    You can book your appointment with one of the three style consultants through the Toronto Eaton Centre’s website. You can even read through their profiles, and pick the one you’d prefer to work with! The appointments can be made until Β tomorrow August 24th, between 11 am and 8pm. Hurry!

    Back To Style Consultants: Laura Leroux, Michelle Lundgren, and Chrissy Kingma

    loved these!

    As part of the Back To Style program, Toronto Eaton Centre will run a Back To Style Sweepstakes on it’s Facebook page, and prizes include a 2-hour style consultation with Alexis Honce (lead wardrobe stylist for Marilyn Denis on The Marilyn Denis Show) and $1,000 in Cadillac Fairview shop! card gift cards!!

    Go book your appointment NOW!

    Thank you to the Toronto Eaton Centre for inviting me πŸ™‚

    stay stylish!