• Austin,  New York

    New York Film Academy!!!

    Sup Cole World!!!!!

    Its been awhile, i really missed ya’ll! I’ve been transitioning my move from Austin Texas to here in New York City!!! So again i apologize for not posting as regularly as i was :0). So recently i’ve been gettn the question of “Craig why New York??” Well the answer is i will be attending New York Film Academy and my classes start February 29th.

    I’m going for theater, i did some theater in San Antonio Texas and i can honestly say being infront of an audience, there is no better rush than that. New York Film Academy has on of the best programs in the city, and is widely known by all. The school caught my attention back in 2009 when the director of Rush Hour 1 and 2 did a promo for the school saying all these wonderful things about it so from there i decided to apply and chase my dream.

    So make sure you also check their website out and join me in class!!!! Light Camera Action baby!!!!

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