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    A La Carte.. Maps!

    As you all know, I moved to LA 3 months ago and have really spent a lot of time looking for all the cool spots, fashion secrets, best french macaroons and of course the best dog parks! The only reason I have learned to be so resourceful is because of the spring I spent in Muenster, Germany or the summer I spent in Manila, Philippines and the seasons I spent in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tokyo, Hong Kong… and so many other places! This is just a great idea! I love this :). I also love superfuture.com – They beat any map you can find in a gas station… Knowingt his kind of insight takes a special skill, one of keen observation and a kittens curiousity.

    Check it out

    Want to know what to do on rainy days?
    Where the locals like to party?
    Would you like to experience things “off the beaten track” (that may require a little courage)? Or are you looking for extraordinary restaurant tips?
    No matter what you’re looking for, our local guide knows where you can find it.

    Aw! I absolutely love this idea!

    Our “My Shanghai à la Carte” Map is a brilliant way to get to know Shanghai, or to discover whole new sides of this exciting city. No matter whether you travel for business or for leisure, with our “My Shanghai à la Carte” Map you have a local friend, who has written an array of the city’s best kept insider tips on a beautiful and handy 70x42cm hand-drawn map. In addition, a welcome letter will provide you with the most important information about the city (e.g. where to exchange money, how to get around, what to do on a rainy/sunny day, which gifts to bring home, crucial addresses/phone numbers etc.). Furthermore, you will get access to our online database with the latest updates for Shanghai: While our “My City à la Carte” Maps feature the best mix of insider tips, this comprehensive database captures a wider range of tips − ready for you to discover

    Let’s make a Toronto one, a Changchun one and a LA one!

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    Holiday Work Visa

    There is always in influx of students and young people traveling to Toronto with Holiday Work Visas. With their travels, they bring fresh trends, new cultural learnings and a few international slangs. At the Hello Kitty x MAC party, I met Mayuu and her crew’s style is just fly. Check it out:

    Check them out on http://www.myspace.com/solrom

    AND… If you want to get out of Toronto and see what you have to offer the world, pick up a SWAP Working Holiday booklet at any Travel Cuts. This is a great alternative to those who want to travel but do not necessary go the ‘teach English’ route. According to their brochure, 84% of SWAPPERS find work within 7 days of arrival of their destination. If you haven’t been able to find work in Toronto for a while, maybe a change of L”attitude” will do you some good.

    This program is available to Canadians 18-35.

    Imagine traveling + working in:
    UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Japan, China, Brazil, South Africa, Thailand