• Austin,  WorldWide

    R&B Rappers?

    I was reading anotha blog site and they had some remixes that some R&B artist put out.They had some folk comment on some of the material and say R&B cats should’nt be rappn, but i disagree. Trey makes it hella clear his lane cant be F&ckd with. NOW! heres the thing, if you know music then you will understand what i am about to tell you. there were NO, ima repeat, there were NO R&B singers that would rap and sing and kinda slay both of their talents.

    The only reason i really like Trey Songz is because alot of his street underground mixtapes back when he was with the 804 boyz. Of course bein a R&B guy i naturally went wit some of his slow stuff also. But now we see alot of other R&B cats tryna follow the same pedegree, is it swagga jackn?? hmmmmm :0) #YouBeTheJudge

    P.S Trigga murked this Kreayshawn Gucci track 🙂