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    Timely- Spring Clean Your Cleaning Products

    Spring is the first season to start the year. Before Summer comes, we should do some cleaning to make our home clean and nice in this full year. It is the time to prepare some cleaning goodies. This year start your spring cleaning from the inside out starting with your cleaning products!

    Truce cleaning products offers a wide variety of items to cover all your cleaning needs, from all-purpose cleaner, wood cleaner and scouring powder, to get your home sparkly clean without the use of any harmful ingredients.

    Truce only uses SIMPLE and NATURAL ingredients, like borax, essential oils, baking soda, distilled white vinegar and aloe vera, and since they have nothing to hide, they share every ingredient on their labels. So, clean out the cabinets during your spring cleaning and ditch the chemical filled products that can be harmful to your family.

    Let’s start to explore with Home Cleaning products.

    Home Cleaning
    Safe, Effective, Simple Ingredients

    Home Cleaning products from Truce offer the ability to effortlessly clean using the power of only natural, simple ingredients. Avoid skin exposure to, or breathing, nasty chemicals without sacrificing the sublime feeling, smell, and look of a clean house.
    My Favorite
    5 Simple Ingredients $10.49

    The All-Purpose Cleaner from Truce can wonderfully clean your home and office using only safe, non-toxic ingredients in one simple formula. From your floors to the ceiling, you can use the All-Purpose Cleaner for all your cleaning needs. Wipe away messes on those sticky countertops, remove spots and streaks from windows or mirrors, and get the grime off your shower walls with this one cleaner that is effective on all non-porous surfaces.

    There’s no sale gimmicks or marketing tricks here, you just need this one safe and simple cleaner for every room in your house and office. Avoid buying multiple products for every different surface in each room in the house – you can save money and create less waste!

    Truce truly has the perfect all-in-one cleaner that is made only from ingredients that are safe for your skin, safe for pets, and safe for the environment. Clean with a smile knowing that each made-in-the-USA, recyclable All-Purpose Cleaner made with your family in mind!

    Next, Let’s Go Laundry!

    Laundry & Linen
    – Fresh, Clean and Safe!

    The Truce safe, simple and effective unscented laundry powder formula has everything you need to keep your clothes fresh and bright. If you like a scented kick, then combine the Truce laundry powder with our truly refreshing scented linen sprays.
    My Favorite
    Safe & Simple  $12.49
    Wear the freshest smelling and cleanest clothes without exposing your skin to nasty chemicals. The Laundry Powder from Truce is perfect for those with sensitive skin, allergies, or conditions prone to dermatological irritation. Avoid the crazy chemicals and toxins found in other laundry products; you deserve a safe, simple laundry detergent formula that works.
    Use the Have-it-All Laundry Powder in high-efficiency (HE) models, front-loading, and top-loading laundry washing machines. Expect up to 16 loads from the 1 pound bag, or for an extra value, buy the 3lb laundry powder bag to wash up to 48 loads.

    Don’t compromise the cleaning power though – this potent detergent can clean heavily soiled clothes and it works in areas prone to hard water. The natural oxygen bleach works to keep whites bright and colors bold without fading. The Laundry Powder is gentle enough for washing organic fibers and it is biodegradable and earth-friendly.
    Very Important – Hand Cleansers!
    Hand Soaps and Sanitizers
    -Safe, Effective, Simple Ingredients
    Truce uses only safe, effective and safe ingredients. Wash your hands with our Organic Castile Hand Soaps and keep them clean on-the-go with our Natural Hand Sanitizer, both free of any harmful chemicals.
    6 Simple Ingredients

    If you need to cleanse and refresh your hands while on-the-go, the Hand Sanitizer is the perfect option to ensure you do not compromise your clean. It is the perfect size to carry in any car, purse, or backpack to have on hand whenever you may need it.

    The recipe was carefully crafted so that it is powerful enough to kill germs yet gentle enough to soften and moisturize your skin with aloe vera. The peppermint essential oil is included to give our Hand Sanitizer its signature uplifting kick.

    For added bonus, you can purchase the pack of four to ensure that everyone in your family is keeping their hands clean. You wouldn’t want to risk running out of your Truce Natural and Organic Hand Sanitizer because there is nothing worse than using those chemical-ridden hand sanitizers that kill off the good germs along with the bad ones. Choose the safe and simple option to keep your families’ hands clean.

    Last But Not The Least

    Yoga Mat Cleaner
    5 Simple Ingredients  $11.99

    To ensure that your mat stays clean after each yoga session, use the Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner from Truce. It is free of SLS and includes no toxic chemicals, yet its safe and simple formula is effective at easily removing all the sweat and dirt collecting on your mat.

    The ingredients are sure to clean your mat without the harmful chemicals in a normal cleaner and the peppermint aroma in the essential oils will give you a much-needed wake-up-boost after savasana.

    If you want to explore more products for the big Spring Home Cleaning deal, please visit https://www.truceclean.com/ to get more cleaning ideas!