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    U.SK Under Skin – Science behind the beauty

    Experience radiant skin as enchanting as the purest of precious stones! This is the premise of U.SK UNDER SKIN, a brand that relies on excellence and a partnership with renowned Italian laboratory, Monteresearch. With over seven decades dedicated to research and development accompanied with their vast experience in biotechnology, this brand brings you their exclusive lines that embody U.SK UNDER SKIN.

    U.SK Under Skin offers you classic dermatology concepts and exclusive innovative ingredients to produce multiple benefits and superiority in rejuvenating treatments such as:

    • Protects from and repairs environmental damage
    • Uses antioxidants for enhanced UVA and UVB protection
    • Hyperpigmentation control, anti-inflammatory effects and strengthened immune defense

    U.SK Anti-aging products are specially formulated with classic active substances containing new innovative ingredients. They combine technology and science to play a vital role in restoring your skin. This critical synthesis results in new complexes and exclusive patented products with proven efficacy through clinical studies.

    The Anti-Aging collection has multiple benefits and promotes cell renewal and defense to help reduce, prevent and reverse the signs of aging and restore epithelial relief for healthy and beautiful skin.

    SUPER C Restorative Cream

    U.SK Super C Restorative cream contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E. It is formulated with 20% Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate, a highly penetrative, non-greasy creamy form of Vitamin C that quickly brightens and evens skin tone, delivers potent antioxidants and decreases the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.

    • Brightens and evens skin tone
    • Newest form of vitamin C delivering enhanced stability, penetration and efficacy
    • Delivers advanced protection against environmental damage and collagen degradation
    • Provides cellular protection and reduces damage caused by UV radiation

    Retinol Antiox Defense

    Formulated balm with encapsulated retinol capable of providing antioxidant effects and promoting cell renovation. This encapsulated form provides high stability and greater penetration power of the active substance, strengthening both the action and the results after use. The U.SK AntiOx Blend™ is made of powerful active antioxidants, capable of protecting against damage caused by oxidation, tissue stress and the environment. The product promotes an increase in firmness, a decrease in appearance of wrinkles and expression lines along with texturing the relief of the skin. The presence of our exclusive Pro-SkinCalming™ complex prevents and decreases irritation of the skin that can occur after being subjected to the topical application of retinol. This formulation also provides high spread and rapid absorption properties.

    First complete free radical damage control retinol product, up to 100% less retinol discomfort due a patented composition

    • Greater stability, penetration and effect with a gradual and sustained release for up to 48 hours
    • Helps to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines appearance with the power of retinol
    • Advanced composition to activate your skin’s complete natural defense against free radical damage

    Advanced Care Dual Eyes

    U.SK Under Skin’s Advanced Care Dual Eyes is a complete eye care product that helps to control your wrinkles, dark circles and appearance of sagginess and puffiness.

    The day eye balm has specific peptides that help to maintain the vascular structure of your skin tissue while the night eye balm packs the triple combination of vitamin C, encapsulated retinol and renewing acids of natural origin that even out your skin tone for a better appearance of density and texture.

    Advanced Care Dual Eyes features an elixir formula that preserves the thickness of your skin. The enzyme peptide with platinum gives you vitality and protects against environmental stress by promoting cell renovation and restoring skin hydration. This anti-aging balm can be a key tool in your arsenal to help preserve elastic and collagen fibers and the integrity of your skin tissue.

    Complete eye care to control wrinkles, dark circles and the appearance of periorbital sagging and puffiness

    • Specific peptides present in the day balm, maintains the vascular structure of the skin tissue balanced to reduce the appearance of dark circles, sagginess and puffiness.
    • The triple combination of vitamin C, encapsulated retinol and renewing acids of natural origin from night’s balm evens out the skin tone, gives a better look of density and texture.
    • Reduces Heat Shock Proteins (stress proteins)

    U.Sk Under Skin partners with globally renowned scientists, skincare experts and dermatologists to create cutting edge innovations using the most up to date, high-performance ingredients. Each product is developed under the expertise of the internationally acclaimed research and development laboratories, Monteresearch in Milan, Italy and LuxBiotech in São Paulo, Brazil. The company is revolutionizing the skincare industry with products that not only target the visible signs of aging on the surface, but prevent and correct a wide range of concerns at the molecular level. The U.Sk Cleansing and Toning line is available for purchase directly from U.Sk Under Skin. The anti-aging and revitalizing line, are only available to consumers through the U.Sk Under Skin partner physicians.