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    Have You Tried “Pai”?

    How jazzed are we? Pai Skincare  a skincare line loved by celebrity make-up artists and A-list talent alike, cult British brand has landed in Canada.

    Anyone who knows me knows I care about using only the best for my skin, Pai is the only certified organic, premium range for sensitive and delicate skin.

    Pai Skincare founder and president, Sarah Brown, was inspired to create a synthetic-free skincare line after years of battling skin allergies. In 2007 she introduced a range that has gained global recognition as a breakthrough for sensitive skin, and a legion of loyal followers along the way.


    I tried out the Pai Skincare’s Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil, one of their most well known and loved items.

    This Oil refines appearance of damaged skin and fines lines. It delivers Pro-Vitamin A to the skin without causing irritation. Rich in concentrated Trans-Retinoic Acid, an essential fuel for the skin’s natural repair function. It smells great and feels silky on the skin without the grease of tradition oils.

    I also tested out Pai Skincare’s Chamomile & Rosehip Calming Day Cream.

    This cream is formulated to soothe and maintain extremely sensitive skin. Its packed full of antioxidants and Omegas so it leaves skin hydrated and looking beautifully healthy with a heavy of heaviness. I love the feel and smell of this one!

    For anyone with sensitive skin or anyone wishing to try out a truly organic line, give Pai a try!


    Peep them at PaiSkincare.com


    @MissKayceeLeigh for HEYDOYOU Toronto. xo



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    @BMWMotorSport Art Cars

    The Olympians aren’t the only ones heading to London this summer. Making their debut appearance in the UK, the BMW Art Car Collection is on display in East London. And, its not too late to check it out! The two week show, continuing until August 4th, showcases the incredible Collection initiated over 35 years ago, consisting of BMW cars transformed into artworks by leading international contemporary artists, using the form of the car as their canvas.

    Andy Warhol, 1977

    Esther Mahlangu, 1991

    Jeff Koons, 2010

    Matazo Kayam, 1990

    Roy Lichtenstein, 1977

    These are just a few of my favorite pieces, but if you’re in London with a love of art or cars, see it for yourself! Make a trip to the NCP Multi-Storey Car Park at 35 Great Eastern St, London, EC2A 3ER.

    For more details, see Time Out London

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    Just Touched Down in LondonTown

    Hello from England! I’m in London for the next two weeks, and although it’s too soon for the 2012 Olympics, I think it’s fitting to acknowledge the English pride surrounding street wear lately.

    The British Flag has found itself on just about everything these days — from t-shirts to handbags to iPhone cases! And you don’t have to be a Brit to embrace this trend–city girls all around the globe can be seen sporting the latest in English-Flag fashion. Whether its on distressed jeans or prim and proper Chanel, how do you rock the red, white and blue?

    Cheerio! xx

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    @PaulMitchellUK Festival Kit For The Summer

    It’s the summer and I’m in London, England. What’s there to do? Apparently there’s a music festival every other day and people camp out for days in tents living off booze and crackers. Coachella, you’ve been served.

    But let’s not get started about the duffle bag we have to carry all our wardrobe and beauty in. This is a place where band boys are in abundance and some decency applies. Thankfully Paul Mitchell thought of creating a festival kit they like to call Style Survivor.

    The kit comes with five classic Paul Mitchell favorites along with a mini brush that fit comfortably in a cute leopard print bag. Check it out:

    The Conditioner: Leave-in moisturizer that you can throw on your ends but also use on your legs and skip the body lotion!

    Soft Sculpting Spray Gel: This spray-gel does the trick without feeling sticky, especially since you’ll be outside all day.

    Awapuhi Moisture Mist: OMG this smells amazing and you can use it on your hair, face, and even on your clothes to smooth out wrinkles!

    Hold Me Tight Hairspray: A finishing spray to keep your hair in place for over 24-hours.

    Fast Form Cream: Definitely a must-have to tame frizz. Use it wet or dry to smooth out your hair instantly!

    Oh yeah, the kit also comes with a set of temporary tattoos for you to brand yourself without getting in too much trouble. I’m #teampaulmitchellhairspray!

    But the real kicker is this super cute purple paper boom box! I think it’s absolutely adorable and for only £40 you can’t go wrong! Find the next Paul Mitchell salon near you and happy festival-ing!

    Xoxo, @missamandachen

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    Someone Like You

    A very special friend called today and told me about this video… I’m not sure how I missed it’s premiere back in September, maybe because I’ve been so invested in the album!

    During a major break-up, the simplicity and “realness” of Adele’s ’21’ album got me through and brought me out on the other side… more grown, with more wisdom and more strength. I remember, when I first fell for this song, wondering how the creative direction of the video would go… the words are so powerful… what approach would be taken?  I think director, Jake Nava, did an incredible job of committing to the inevitable flaws of love, romance and heartbreak with the smoky black and white lens-view… in the quiet streets of Paris. What city would be better for a song like this? There’s no marital drama or agressive undertone of this video, it’s just the realness that I’m sure each reader of this blog has experienced… when the heart has built you up to a place that someone else disappoints you at. Someone like you is the finale track on the ’21’ album and leaves the listener with chills and thoughts to digest, Adele has an epic way of unveiling the emotions that we’d all love to keep hidden. The interesting afterthought is that in actuality, the artist Adele is full of beauty and bubbly personality… perhaps an example that ‘this too shall pass’ and that we are strong enough to encounter it all, even the depths of unrequited love . PS: I’m in love with that stellar Moschino trench; Enjoy this video!!! xo

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    Melanie Fiona : 4am

    Something about Melanie Fiona’s tracks tend to kill me softly, feeling like words from my mind. Somewhere between her melodic voice and relevant content is a place where heart strings are tugged by the tightest of muscles and… Explosion! Here comes another banger! This is obviously not the first time I’ve ever covered Ms. Fiona’s singles, I’m in love with her voice and 100% love and appreciate the recognition that her success is bringing to #Toronto. So press ►, have a listen & talk to me… tell me what gets you ‘feelin’ kinda crazy at 4am’… #xoxo