@PaulMitchellUK Festival Kit For The Summer

It’s the summer and I’m in London, England. What’s there to do? Apparently there’s a music festival every other day and people camp out for days in tents living off booze and crackers. Coachella, you’ve been served.

But let’s not get started about the duffle bag we have to carry all our wardrobe and beauty in. This is a place where band boys are in abundance and some decency applies. Thankfully Paul Mitchell thought of creating a festival kit they like to call Style Survivor.

The kit comes with five classic Paul Mitchell favorites along with a mini brush that fit comfortably in a cute leopard print bag. Check it out:

The Conditioner: Leave-in moisturizer that you can throw on your ends but also use on your legs and skip the body lotion!

Soft Sculpting Spray Gel: This spray-gel does the trick without feeling sticky, especially since you’ll be outside all day.

Awapuhi Moisture Mist: OMG this smells amazing and you can use it on your hair, face, and even on your clothes to smooth out wrinkles!

Hold Me Tight Hairspray: A finishing spray to keep your hair in place for over 24-hours.

Fast Form Cream: Definitely a must-have to tame frizz. Use it wet or dry to smooth out your hair instantly!

Oh yeah, the kit also comes with a set of temporary tattoos for you to brand yourself without getting in too much trouble. I’m #teampaulmitchellhairspray!

But the real kicker is this super cute purple paper boom box! I think it’s absolutely adorable and for only £40 you can’t go wrong! Find the next Paul Mitchell salon near you and happy festival-ing!

Xoxo, @missamandachen