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    The British Candies Are Coming, The British Candies Are Coming @LondonCandyCo

    If there’s one thing I know best, it’s candy. Give me a sticky, gooey, chewy mixed bag of candy over a hot dinner any day! So it was with great childlike excitement that I attended London Candy Company’s grand opening event in NYC’s West Village this week.

    It goes without saying that this place is chock full of British candy, and if you think all candy tastes the same, you’re wrong! Candy connoisseurs (I like to think I’m one) will know that there’s a huge difference in the taste, texture and overall yumminess of British sweets. From the smooth, velvety texture of the Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bars to the extra peanuty flavor of M&Ms—these candies are bound to knock your socks off and leave you craving more.


    The London Candy Company doesn’t just sell sweet munchies—this place also has a dedicated section of Brit groceries for ex-pats and adventurous foodies. I made a beeline for the Coco Pops (an adult childhood favorite) and the Ambrosia rice pudding, but there’s also the regular faves, such as Marmite, Heinz salad cream and Sarson’s malt vinegar. And “crisps,” loads of delicious crisps.

    Stop in to pick up sweets, groceries or even Brit-themed party favors, or swing by for a cuppa—this place has a full coffee bar, too. And what’s even better, everyone who works there is just as friendly as they are in Ye Olde London Town!

    The London Candy Company doors are open 7 days and located at 267 Bleecker Street, just a short walk from 7th Ave.


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    Holly: The New Guest Blogger

    Hey, I’m Holly the new guest blogger at heydoyou!

    I shall begin by telling you a little bit about myself. I am a British girl living in Brooklyn who made the move to NYC at the end of this summer, after graduating in Anthropology&Cultural Studies. So needless to say I am still fairly new to the city – eager to explore and experience as much as possible! I am a complete magazine junkie, spending far too much of my money on glossy pages full of fashion trends, beauty finds and celebrity gossip. Furthermore  I am a huge foodie and thus love eating out, cooking and discovering new delicious finds.
    It is great to be given this opportunity to be part of this blog and I can’t wait to start posting – enjoy!
    Twitter: @hollymoowoo
    Instagram: hollymorgan_
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    London Fashion Week @boraaksu

    HeyDoYou is in London for the first time attending London Fashion Week. We got invited to the Bora Aksu show a London-based boutique store originally from Turkey.  He says his main inspiration for the Spring 2013 collection mainly came from Queen Victoria’s grand-daughter, Marie, who became the Queen of Romania in 1922. Apparently she mixed in a lot of Romanian culture without breaking away from her British-ness. Everything has a story.

    They had some awesome headpieces going on here! Bora says the floral designs came from the love Marie had for her botanical garden in Balchik. Check out my faves:

    London Fashion Week is held at the Somerset House this year, right by Covent Garden. it’s a huge space full of pretty people. It basically looks like one huge cool club that everyone wants to be a part of. There’s about a million line-ups for a million things, so you have to ask around to make sure you’re waiting at the right spot. This is England after all, ti’s all very polite. No jumping the line!

    Of course, we can’t get through fashion week without some celebrity snap shots. Playboy model Kelly Brook was right in front of me!

    That concludes the fun and games for now. Until next time! Cheers, @missamandachen

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    @makeupshowlive London Event Carnival Weekend

    Yesterday I went to the Cumberland Place Hotel for London’s Makeup Show Live on Carnival weekend. We met with X-Factor’s makeup artist Natalya Nair and she gave us some insight on celebrity makeup tricks for clients like Dannii Manogue. What I really enjoyed is that she simplified makeup for real women to understand and attribute to their personal way of life.

    Of course we can’t go through a makeup event with a little catwalk. These girls have amazing skin. Jelly!

    Along the many exhibitors showcasing new all-natural products, I discovered a gem. Bella Lucce has blown me away with their hand cream. Lemongrass and coconut? OMG. Dying. I don’t want to wash my hands.

    Until next time. Cheers! @missamandachen

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    @FoodiesFestival London Event

    When the sun actually does come out, London is absolutely fantastic in the summer. I took a trip to the west and spent the weekend at Battersea Park for the London Foodies Festival. Now, there may not be a patio hanging out on the streets of London, but it appears you can drink literally anywhere outside, including a bus.

    But that’s not all! They even had ice cream chocolate bars. FOR FREE! I’m freaking out. The ice cream Snickers bar gave me a food-gasm.

    But beyond all the free food everywhere, you can actually learn a thing or two about making your own food. This guy had some audience members come up and cook with him. Fortunately I didn’t volunteer or we’d be stuck on a toilet for the rest of the night.

    Did you know that the English love their sausage? I had no idea how many ways they can be made. The selection on street dog stands seriously need an upgrade.

    Oh yeah, one more thing. Forget Strongbow. There’s a massive selection of Magners ciders — my fave is pear! Soooo refreshing.

    If you missed it this weekend, check out the website for more locations near you.

    Until next time, Cheers! @missamandachen

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    @TheNailsShow London Event Launch

    I know I can’t be the only girl obsessed with nails, and I finally found a place to call home with @TheNailsShow today at CARGO. For £15 at the door you can glam up your nails with other like-minded divas.

    I got to chat with Nicole, the founder of Total Renewal who created tonights event. She realized the growing need for nail buffs to have a place to shine outside of the salon. As she says, ““Nails have become an accessory, a fashion statement and a part of our regular grooming.”

    This is the first time I witnessed a manicure show-down. With only 20 minutes to design it was as intense as Hell’s Kitchen.

    This is my favourite look of the day. Aren’t they pretty?

    This sure beats mani-dates at the salon! Follow @TheNailsShow to check out who also attended tonight’s event and make sure to mark your calendar for the next one.

    Until next time! Cheers, @missamandachen