My Favorite 2 Minute Face

My two go-to products in a morning rush? Mascara and lipstick! I feel like a thick fringe gives any face that glam look without piling on lots of other product. I know nowadays everyone is always in a rush everywhere. People rushing to work, getting kids ready in the morning, going to school, whatever it is, no one really seems to have time to spare.
I have found my perfect 2 minute face that allows me to spend less time on my face so I can be out the door quicker (or stay in bed longer heehee :)). You can use foundation or a tinted moisturizer if you’d like but I tend to skip it in general unless I have a really uneven complexion that day. I have found that when I gradually ween my way off of using foundation, concealer, or anything of that nature on my skin, I seem to need it less. If you think about it, your skin has make up on it in a day more than the time you skin is bare. If you cut down or cut out the foundation your skin has time to breath and regenerate throughout the day without having make up sitting on top. Now foundation and whatnot is a definite must when i’m going to an important event so don’t think I cut it out completely.
I like to use Covergirl’s Lashblast in Very Black.
I usually apply at least 3 coats on top making sure I separate each lash well. If you want you can also curl your lashes before for an extra lift. Putting on a few extra coats won’t hurt (as long as their not clumpy) because your lashes are making the statement on your face.
Then I like to use Revlon’s lipstick in Mink
I recently received this lipstick in a Revlon twitter giveaway and I am in love with it! You can get different shades of brown depending on how much you apply. I usually put on a thin layer just to make my lips a slightly dark nude color. I like to put on a little bit of clear pink lipgloss on top to give it a little sheen. Any shade of tan or light brown goes well with the fall/winter season and will go perfectly with any outfit you choose.
Let us know what’s YOUR favorite go-to lipstick!

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