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    A Fashion Evolution has Begun

    Chanel Fall/Winter 2010 campaign
    This morning I felt the need to comment on the situation of fashion as it stands right now… and the incredible places fashion is going! Many probably know by now, I am obsessed with FT; I watch it online, on the weekend… whenever I can catch it, I’m watching and I can’t help but notice how the timeline of fashion appears to be going backwards. Designers are bringing back the most evolutionary of fashion eras… I CAN HARDLY CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT!
    Speaking from my own adult fashion timeline, I can safely go back to the year 2000, I remember getting ready to go to which-ever big party was going on that night and coming upstairs to step into my shoes and walk out the door. This was never done without my Mum analyzing my ensemble and approaching me with the same reoccurring comments, aside from her asking me where the rest of my outfit is (in typical Mum fashion), she always felt the need to tell me how similar my outfit was to those she used to wear when she was”younger”. May it have been a high waisted skirt or eighties balloon pants, always paired with pointy leather heels, it relentlessly managed to bring her back.
    Well, looking at fashion now; where it’s been and where its quickly headed makes me think back to a place I’ve never been. The style at the beginning of my adult life was reminiscent of the 80’s and 90’s, now adays… style has evolved for us in a backward motion. The Victorian Era has seemingly been creeping up on us for some time now; lace up boots, harem trousers, corsets, long train dresses, buckles… silk, lace, linen… and we’ve embraced it from the jump. Looking at the runways for major fashion houses’ fall/winter 2010, we are seeing undeniable references; Dior, Betsey Johnson, Zac Posen, Chanel, Christian Siriano and my fav this coming year, Alexander McQueen.

    Betsey Johnson

    Zac Posen


    Alexander McQueen

    Peep some previews of what I mean, leave a comment… I am in-love with what’s to come, all I can think is “Everyday could be a new costume!!!”. Fashion is elemental as it is an expression of creativity, art, history, passion, and worldliness, while still being a extremely delicate craft… Excited? Intimidated? How do u feel? xo

    Photo Cred: The Greyest Ghost, Pubsub, Fashionably Formed

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