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    Jesse Labelle x Faber Drive

    making moves…

    Wax Records recording artist Jesse Labelle will be joining one of Canada’s hottest young bands; Faber Drive on a cross-Canada tour this spring! The up and coming singer/songwriter who’s already been named an artist to watch in 2010; will be joining Faber Drive, after playing a showcase at this year’s Canadian Music Week.
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Faber Drive, and Jesse Labelle is so talented, so this is gonna be good!

    Faber Drive!
    Thanks Sari!


    Don’t forget the Wax Records CMW Showcase, March 12 @ Tattoo Rock Parlour, TORONTO

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    I LOVE The Februarys!!!

    I know Ty does all the music/movie stuff, but I REALLY LOVE THIS BAND!

    I guess what’s GREAT about the Februarys, is the genuine love and energy that’s flowing amongst them, not to mention the DYNAMITE music!

    These guys genuinely love what their doing, and they love doing it together! Something that a lot of bands/groups are missing these days… you don’t feel that connection, seems like it’s all just for the camera… you know kinda phoney… But these guys! These guys get two thumbs and a high-five up for keeping it 100!!

    “my favourite records are always when I’m going through something personal. I put on a song and I connect with it, and then you’re like ok, it makes it a little bit better. then everytime you hear that song it makes you feel better about the situation. and that would be awesome if our record did that for people coz then we’d be changing lives I guess… Like super hero stuff. It’s cool.”- Brody Tavares brass/vocals

    Brodie Tavares, Matt Bender, Matt Gibson, and Lucas Lawrence

    Look out for these guys, they’re gonna be HUGE!

    Check out their myspace page here!