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    CMW Showcase

    Win VIP Passes to WindUp Records Canada’s CMW Showcase. March 13th 8pm at Tattoo Rock Parlour 567 Queen St West.
    To WIN: Leave a comment (dont forget your email) with the names of the 4 band members of The Februarys (hint thefebs.com) Good Luck!

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    Company of Thieves

    Chi town talent!

    The members of Company of Thieves are collectively grounded, and well-versed in the challenges The World faces today. “This is a scary time for a lot of people, government-wise, art-wise, and especially business-wise,” says singer Genevieve Schatz. “People seem to be very held back in what they’re willing to invest in – personally, emotionally, and financially. But at the same time, there’s a new, gutsy energy coming out right now, almost a generational thing. Today’s youth, and to some extent their parents, are really wanting a change, and there’s a feeling that we’re at the edge of big change right now. Great art always rises up when change is going on.” These exciting – if uncertain – times are reflected in the eclectic sound of Ordinary Riches, an album that moves effortlessly from the seemingly jaunty, piano-led “In Passing” and the catchy pop tones of “Pressure” to the arena-ready sing-along chorus of “New Letters” and the Jonny Greenwood-ish guitar figures on “Old Letters.” They are erudite without being pretentious, hooky without being saccharine, and plainly dedicated to its ideals, Company of Thieves’ stunning debut album Ordinary Riches reveals a band very much of its time.

    “It’s true what they say about new bands, that you wait your whole life to write your first record,” says guitarist Marc Walloch. “This is the sound of us piecing together things we wanted to try out, playing different parts to see what happened.”

    “We’re influenced by a lot of different artists,” Schatz adds. “Everything from jazz and Motown to Billie Holiday and the Beatles. Seeing how they expressed themselves helped us to figure out another way to express ourselves in music.

    “It’s like when you read a really good novel,” she continues, “and you end up thinking like that character, or in that writer’s style.”
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    Thriving Ivory Contest!

    Wind Up Records
    Thriving Ivory is in the running for Yahoo’s “Who’s Next” and we need votes. We’re giving away an iPod touch to help promote this, plus you get a free mp3 if you forward it to 5 friends. Enter here

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    Songbird Megan McCauley

    Taking the wrong way out? Growing up in suburbia, parental divorce at 3, complicated relationships, broken friendships and the tattoos to prove it! This is the recipe for a successful songstress who’s soulful songs wade a bit deeper than the Britney-esque kiddie pool.

    Get ready to swim to the deep end with Megan McCauley, she’s the bodacious redhead with a voice you won’t soon forget! Click for Official Pagef