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    LA hearts Drizzy

    I was walking to school this morning and I saw a familiar face on the cover of BrandX (Part of LA Times) and it was none other than Toronto’s very own. Hi Drake! You are on every single radio station here like 100 times an hour… Wowee, it is really amazing to see how far real talent and ‘high level’ networking gets you. This is how it happens. You work hard, you never give up and pray for the blessings and warm breeze to take you higher. Before you know it, you’re f$%king with the best in the world.

    Here is the article, click to see it bigger. Enjoy.
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    Drake – Best I Ever Had video

    Directed by Kanye West

    Appearances by Consequence, Young Money, Fabolous, Trey Songz…

    Lotta people are up in arms about the quality of the video Kanye directed for Drake.

    I just took the video for what it was. TNA. And I thought Drake was hilarious in the cut scenes.
    “Take that D! Like the Champions you are.”

    I also think the fact that Drake’s team lost speaks volumes to exactly what most people are upset about.

    Keep it moving.
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    Toronto Loves Drake

    Last night, the name on everyone’s tongue was Drake, Drizzy, yep.  My girl Tracey had tickets but I was too sick to go with her to see the concert.  If you missed it too… Catch the 1LOVETO footage.

    and the after party at C-Lounge pics over at PhotoWill