200 words on Foreign Exchange

Guest Blogger. That Guy

Leaving it All Behind is a great title and Nicolay decides to remind us what the first album sounds like with this clever atmospheric intro that picks up from where Foreign Exchange left off. This project is very smooth. Nicolay out did himself on this one, the Foreign Exchange sound is complete and official. Soulfully melodic, true to the heart, just a rap music master piece. Thanks for the Trumpet on ‘Take Off the Blues’ Stan Graham.

This time Foreign Exchange provides two master pieces to their album when you purchase it. Yes the instrumental version is included. Something for everyone, even for the DJ’s who don’t play vinyl anymore. It’s a beautiful touch because it’s the perfect Sunday album for the rap enthusiast. Vocally the arrangements are brilliant and Phonte’s authentic b-boy tone just ends up being the icing on the cake to this Nicolay instrumental enterprise. It would also be a sin for one not to mention the sultry romantic vocals of Darien Brockington. Although he has his own distinct sound like we heard on the first album, this time around I was constantly reminded of the sounds of Dwele, D’Angelo, and even Musiq all fused into this one Darien Brockington. If you haven’t heard him on any music yet now is the time.

If your energy is positive and authentic and you enjoy funk, jazz, rock, ambient, R&B and rap, then this album is truly for you. Cheers to Leaving it All Behind…The Foreign Exchange!

By That Guy
This review is brought to you by the ones who understand what real rap music sounds like.