Found some old stuff

I have a friend named Taurean and he is not a Taurus, but an emotional Cancer. We met by chance, through unintentional friends one December night. The evening was a random and eventful one, where groups came together when I happened to acquire Media Press passes for a fashion show. Taurean is an observer who stood by the friends he came with and cordially sipped the drink in his hand. Tall, dark and handsome has always been my type and with the convenience of Facebook, we starting chatting online soon after Christmas. I was intrigued and did some research of my own. We decided to go see a movie one evening and that we did. It was almost like a real date. I am always surprised by our similarities and how easy things were between us. We are both easy going and our times together never ever seem contrived. It’s a refreshing change from a 2 year relationship with someone who was rigid and selfish. Everything with us has always been fluid, just like Jell-O in the fridge after only one hour. Nothing solid, not even a jiggly, wriggly sort of solid; but I love it. Our engagement of late night rendez-vous, nature trails with my dog, sushi dinners, endless movie dates and drunk and dial conversations are coming to an end. Taurean takes off for a 6 week European vacation tomorrow and somehow I know things will not be the same after the next 50 days. Sometimes in life, you need to buy and buy again this thing call time.

I love my dog

I read often but not more than the average

I am the girl who had lots of nicknames growing up but none of which really stuck, like a post-it note in the summer. With a passion for the vernacular, my nicknames in through school were Lynx, Sommie, Sugar, Miss Kai, Tinkerbell, Dexy Girl, and another handful I don’t remember. Everyone who knows me know me as who I am – bubbly, highly excitable and always passionate about life.

When all else fails, I go shoe shopping.

I am in what they the paperless generation.

It’s always serendipitous when it comes to me and sample sales.

When I don’t know the lyrics, I want to make them up.

I never go on vacation because I live my life the way I want.

I wake up in the morning and sing to my dog.

There is no explanation for how I became this way.

I am inspired by those around me.

I have a flirty personality and it’s the way I defend my soul.