Why I am Still Married

Picked this up at Chapters the other day because the topic has always fascinated me. Women write their hearts out on Love, Loss, Sex and Who does the dishes. The book is divided based on Silver to Gold (50th anniversary) Steel to China (20th), Sugar to Tin (10th) and Paper to Wood (5th). Read from those who have already gone through it and learn something. What makes it last and what it’s all about. Here is how it starts….

“When I think of my life before I married, I see another person, a child really, although I was almost twenty-four when I became a bride.”

Why I am Still Married by Karen Propp & Jean Trounstine

I have so many conflicting opinions on marriage and what it’s all about. I did not grow up in a traditional household, my father lived in Shanghai for most of my life. My parents are still married but lives apart for over 20 years. Is marriage about love or is it about commitment? What do you think?

shoutout to cheating men out there – why don’t you focus on disappointing one woman at a time?

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