Discount Countin’

Today I had two more classes to complete the four courses I am taking this quarter. I am getting a little less stressed out because I have been so overwhelmed by all the newness. For example, I had to buy a pencil and an eraser today. I think the last time I did that, Facebook didn’t even exist. *gasp*

The first class I went to this morning is Merchandising Math. I really wasn’t sure what to expect buy prior to high school (circa 2001 + prior), I have not done any math except when I attempted to study for the GMAT (Obviously the math was a huge deterrent for me or else I’d be at Chicago GSB instead of FiDM). So ya.. I was scared. But hey! The first class was not so bad. It really helps that the instructor for this course is the sassy and bold Misha Behbehani. She has an amazing track record of years at Nordstrom as a buyer and management. She explained things in real world terms and come on, I have been figuring out 15% off $250 pair of shoes since I could think! So far, I am good. Staying awake is going to be tough in this class, because it is not very interactive and tres early… zzzzzz.

The afternoon class I had Consumer Behavior and I kinda love it. Am I weird that stuff like behavioral strategies, influence and implications turn me on! I get very excited looking at my course outline! Is it possible that I am the most natural marketer there is out there. I mean, this is second nature to me. I just wanna delve into my brain and find the real juicy parts. That’s what I want from my time at FiDM. I want to be provoked and challenged. When you are the ‘fashion/marketing’ girl in your posse and you are good at it, so what… but when you are in a class of 20 that are just as avid as you, just as passionate as you.. then we got something. I am excited! We started this class by watching 10 mins of Confessions of a Shopaholic and discussing the difference between consumer addiction and complusive consumption. Loves. I want to get 110% on this course and I’ll be mad at myself if I get under 100% for realzzzz. The instructor for this class is Susan Stein. A firecracker, dressed in all black like a true New Yorker but with colorful and bold jewelery – I’m not mad at that. Susan has a huge fashion background with Saks as a personal shopper, editor of Palm Springs Living Mag, being at the opening of the 1st Sephora in Paris and 1st H&M in New York and producing a consumer focused fashion week here in California. She is busy – and have travelled the world in 6 months. How amazing is that. I knew I liked her as soon as she made fun of the student who was late and wearing ‘comfy’ shoes. LMAO… great humor and she keeps it moving.

Susan said: “I don’t do anything unless it is fun. If it’s not fun, I make it fun“.

So much work, so happy, gotta get organized and excel!

OH, and there was a huge job fair today at FiDM. A whole lotta recruiters came out to offer retail jobs for hopeful students.

Not for me but I got invited to the Madewell denim launch party next Monday at Century City. Yay.