Remembering Michael

(Sorry for the crappy quality, i had to get it off my blackberry then to some avi file and lost the audio in the process. Basically what you missed is me saying Hi everyone, it’s your girl Yvonne from HeyDoYou! I am overwhelmed by everyone here with their outpour of emotions. They are also screaming $5 t-shirts at the camera as I filmed them – the pics are better 🙂 )

MJ fans flood the street of Downtown LA today and even some of FIDM student orientation things had to be rescheduled because of the memorial that took place this morning. Since I don’t have a TV and didn’t think to watch live on (til I got back!), I headed down to talk to some of the fans that celebrated Michael Jackson life as the King of Pop.

Kick, push down 7th

Various vendors selling various versions of T’s for $5

The littlest vendor

Cash is King – Michael Money anyone?

This is how much parking costed today. (I took the Metro for $1.25)

Jumbo-tron set up for the media tents

Peep the glove

Slideshow of Michael pics

Millions all over the world tuned in the watch the Michael Jackson public memorial. I went down to the Staples Center to see all the emotional fans, the hustlers, the t-shirt sellers, the water vendors and whole assortment of people who wanted to get involved in this global event. I also took some video on my Blackberry, just have to figure out how to convert it.

Crowd chanting Michael and then singing Man in the Mirror

demoing MJ dance moves 

LA skies today

You are not alone: How do you want to be remembered?

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