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Serena’s Body Secret

How is Serena so amazingly sculpted? How does she win time and time again?

She rocks some crazy workouts! Plyometrics, interval training, aerobic and anerobic exercises keep her ready for action.

Stand with feet hip-width apart, hands on hips. Step right foot back and to the left and lower into a lunge so left knee is bent about 90 degrees. Bring right knee up in front of you and extend left arm overhead. Return to lunge and repeat. Continue for 30 seconds, then switch sides and repeat says Serena. <-- This is Plyometrics and Gravity Training on a timed interval

I’ll explain. Serena uses the weight of her own body to strengthen her muscles. Then she performs full range movements that stretch and contract her muscles – promoting toning and overall sculpting. Her movements also work on many muscles at once! Core, legs, back, arms, butt. It’s all getting worked at the same time. Crazy!

I’ve helped girls get great results with this type of training.

It really works. Incorporate it into your workout and see results faster!

You can also check out Serena’s workouts. She’ll be offering a 40min free workout online in combo with Shape and Nike.

Got any questions about working out or fitness? Just


Serena Williams… WAXED!

“Serena Williams embodies style, power, beauty and courage… Serena has overcome insurmountable odds to win 8 career Grand Slams, and become one the game’s greatest all-time players. Her remarkable tennis skills have skyrocketed her to fame, but only her unique charm and drive could explain her successful endeavors outside of tennis in film, television, fashion and philanthropy… Her tennis ability combined with her off -court activity makes her one of the most recognizable names and faces in the world – an icon.”

Serena Williams has now joined the list of special celebrities to get a life-sized wax figure of herself! The tennis star attended the unveiling of her wax figure in New York City at Madame Tussauds on August 27th.

Her wax figure is rocking a replica of the outfit that Serena wore during the 2004 U.S Open, generously donated by Nike & Serena herself
You can find “Miss Williams” in Madame Tussauds new “Sports Zone”- an interactive area dedicated to sports lovers 🙂
B- ella ella ella!! lmao (I’m just playin! everyone’s allowed one cheesy moment per week!lol)

Label-MADE Recap!!

So this past Thursday I had the pleasure of meeting clothing designers Shawna and Natalie of Label

They were celebrating the launch of their online store, so I went down to Cheval to join them in the celebration!!! 
Shawna, Me and Natalie
Backstage getting ready for the shoot!
This girl was amazing! Changing poses like nothin!!
Me and Gloria of Urbanebloc!
i love this pic!
What an awesome night! Congrats ladies!

You sometimes expect clothing designers to be kinda mean or “snobbish”, so you can imagine my relief when I met Shawna and Natalie! These ladies are soooo cool and down to earth. And you know there’s nothing better than talent with an amazing personality; both have these qualities.
Thanks Shawna and Natalie for a lovely night!
Watch out for these ladies!!!
I took like a million pics!
click here to see them!
Interview with the lovely ladies coming soon!!

Addition to the Buzzword Dictionary

Blog Choke. Ever heard of it?

No? Neither had I, until it hit me few days ago.

Blog Choke – although not yet added to the Buzzword Dictionary – is defined in “Cahill’s Dictionary of Made up Phrases” as:
1. “The inability for one to blog when asked to blog”
2. “The inability for one to keep it real when asked to blog”
3. “The act of suffocating a blogger” <-- this alternative meaning is seldom used. When used in a sentence: “Cahill was hyped up about blogging until he experienced blog choke and ended up staring at the computer for hours.”

I freaked out at first. I mean I don’t want to be known as that guy who ‘Blog Chokes’. Apparently that’s a big no no. So after some careful thought about a similar term – writers block – I’ve decided to beat ‘Blog Choke’ by presenting this term to the Buzzword Dictionary. Feel free to use it at any time.

After overcoming blog choke I’ll be posting info on fitness, health, business and what’s going down in Toronto. Stay tuned!


This is… For the DOG lover in YOU!!

Y.K I know you’ll love this one! The Magis Dog House. “A comfy home for your dog”. 

After a hard day of play, this is exactly what a dog needs!
Comes in white or orange… Christmas is coming people, this is one pressie your “best-friend” will love!
For specs and how to get one, click here!


FiDM’s Finest!

FiDM campus is a runway show…There is so much inspiration all around 🙂

The Museum Shop

Visual Communications Project

These Product Development students know that no matter how hot gets in LA, never lose your cool!