Addition to the Buzzword Dictionary

Blog Choke. Ever heard of it?

No? Neither had I, until it hit me few days ago.

Blog Choke – although not yet added to the Buzzword Dictionary – is defined in “Cahill’s Dictionary of Made up Phrases” as:
1. “The inability for one to blog when asked to blog”
2. “The inability for one to keep it real when asked to blog”
3. “The act of suffocating a blogger” <-- this alternative meaning is seldom used. When used in a sentence: “Cahill was hyped up about blogging until he experienced blog choke and ended up staring at the computer for hours.”

I freaked out at first. I mean I don’t want to be known as that guy who ‘Blog Chokes’. Apparently that’s a big no no. So after some careful thought about a similar term – writers block – I’ve decided to beat ‘Blog Choke’ by presenting this term to the Buzzword Dictionary. Feel free to use it at any time.

After overcoming blog choke I’ll be posting info on fitness, health, business and what’s going down in Toronto. Stay tuned!