Sparkly and New

I am so grateful for the internet. I can look back and see how i use to be and how in so many ways I am still the same. Here in Toronto for a quick vacay, visiting my family and regrouping. I love my life. My love life is sparkly and new. Not the way a store bought, mass produced one is. and not a sample sale, oh i got a good deal kind of way. But really a really sparkly and new one. Sparkly because it makes me smile from heart. It makes me smile the way i thought i forgot how to. It’s the small things that count. The thing that makes you know for sure that this comes from a place of love. It’s crazy when you spend a whole day smiling. It is sparkly because it reflects facets of me. Like a diamond with cuts all around, when you shine your love on me, i cannot help but reflect in a dazzling and sparkly way. For real.  It is also new. Not because its a new relationship not is it a new age range or a new nationality or a new phase. More so, it is a new dynamic and it is a new me.  It is a new school love. A non selfish, non posessive, non future oriented kind of love. Just now, just us and it’s enough. I want to thank myself for being open enough to be blessed with this special person in my life. I know the stars aligned for us to be this way. You have really truly overflowed my heart with enough warm fuzzies to get me off my butt and back on the love train. *pays my fare*

Love is one of those things that just makes you better. It’s the red lipstick in your life, it’s the lemon in your iced tea, it’s the extra twinkle in your eyes.  Thank you. Thank you patience, Thank You universe.

At 25, I am exactly where I want to be. You know when someone says, if i die today, i will have no regrets? I feel just like that this moment in time.

I dreamt of myself on center stage, spotlit and questioned: Do you want to be a part of something great?

My answer is YES i want to be a part of something great, i am a part of something great. It is a movement, it’s civilization, it’s history in the making, it’s culturation. It’s so many things that matter and it is powerful. It’s inspirational and I feel amazing. There is no explanations.

I am so blessed to be loved by Jacob. Looking back at the past 4 years and how I have grown it really is amazing how things all happen for a reason. They really really do. I am back to LA in 10 days for school and a 2nd chance to prove myself academically, inspire those around me and receive the blessings from all that’s around me.