TEDxTO TIFF opening weekend!

Finish financials. Shower. Suit it up. Head out. TEDxTO. King Street. Let’s roll.

That was the progression of my evening last Friday. I ended up checking out the TEDxTO launch party hosted by Julian Brass with NotableTV.

Although initially a bit cliquey, it ended up being a great mix of people, fashion, and atmosphere – held at Brassaii down on King Street. Dress code was in full effect, ambient house music was playing and people eventually ended up mingling and enjoying the night.

A couple things I initially noticed. First – Fashion. It’s finally arrived. Although it may only be for a few weeks it’s great – people at the event were actually dressed well. Can we keep it rolling for a few more weeks past TIFF? I’d love it to stay that way.

Second – Networking. I believe Toronto needs work on networking. Reminds me of the Coors Light commercial that was promptly ripped down in Vancouver – Colder Than Most People From Toronto. The people at the event ended up being great – but initially I found there was hesitation to meet new people and actually network. I am the only one who notices this?

For those of you who don’t know, TED is a conference of the best and brightest minds in the world. Nobel peace prize winners, cutting edge scientists, writers, educators, political leaders and entrepreneurs all grace the stage at some point. Although the event cost is somewhere in the 1000’s of dollars, you can view every presentation – generally 15 to 30 minutes – online for FREE! I’d definitely recommend you check it out.