Bra Baring

Within the last 10 years, tank tops and camisoles have made it okay to show bra straps.But how far can you go with bra baring in 2010? Really freakin’ far.

You can dress it up, you can do it causually!  Bra over shirts are the new thing.. Or it is? We were talkign about it on Facebook too.

Showing your bra is not taboo anymore especially if you have a pretty bra!  If you are spending $50-$80 on a pretty bra, I am pretty sure you want to show it!  Peek-a-boo bras are fun and very sexy šŸ™‚ From the runways to the streets, lingerie and bras and fighting to be over and not under-wear. What do you think?

I personally think that it’s dope and very Carrie.  The bras should be lacey, detailed and met to be shown. Not some beige seamless one right *ummm*

Carrie’s been doing it
Dip it low, Christian Milian is on it
Marc Jacobs says okay
Lingerie inspired is very very in… I really like how she did it here at LA Fashion Week.
Purple (hot), Lingerie (hot). But we been doing it.
Spring at Finer Things!

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