EATT: Everything All The Time!

“Alanna Stuarts voice is one of the most beautiful female voices I have heard in a long time. She has a naturalness of tone and delivery and is so comfortable on stage that you forget that there are other people around you…“-
EATT: Everything All The Time. Who are they? Only like the best band everrrrrr! But let me back track and give you a little background on this awesome Indie/Electro/Rock band.
They are a group of working musicians, all with their own solo project. They’ve also been sidemen for a number of acts; Between them, they’ve recorded with the who’s who of Canadian music; for example, Feist, Jason Collett, Sleepless Nights, Hidden Cameras and many more.
Band Members: Alanna Stuart: Vox/Moves: Joseph Shabason: Vox/Keys/Sax: Mary Cobham: Vox/Keys/Guitar: Kieran Adams: Drums/Vox: Jeremy Little: Bass synth/bass: Dafydd Hughes: Keys/Vox
Their influences? Everybody all the time!
I’ll give you a moment to take in ALL the talent that I’ve put before you….

“It’s so hard to find some shelter from the sweltering heat/I get hot with every thought about the boys that I meet/but I’ve got love love love for you baby/it sets us apart/love love love”- from “love love love”

And we’re back!
So how do I describe their music to you… Picture this; All 6 of these talented band members, blending Pop, Dance music, and Indie rock. Then, they working their musical/creative magic with SEVEN keyboards plus all those other instruments; songstress Alanna Stuart lets that sweet organic voice of hers loose, and it combines with the three other amazing vocalists. Creating a “mind-melting euphony” of vocal harmonies…”. 
Basically their A.W.E.S.O.M.E. “Lazy Days” “Eyes” and “Love Love Love (I get so hot)” are my favorite tracks so far; ALL the songs are different, and have their own great and unique components. 

A lot of artists say they want to try or were “trying something different”, and sometimes that “trying something different” turns out oh so wrong. But EATT are simply different, talented and different. They’re not trying to be anything or “trying something different”. They simply combine their influences, with an end result of a brand new creation; one that we LOVE!
Some video for ya!

“When these six individuals came together they brought with them an abundance of influences which, when combined created something completely new…. EATT clearly embraces electronic and dance music but the group’s sound is founded on precise and scrupulous collaborative songwriting..”
One of my faves!!
Join them for their EP Release at the Drake Hotel on October 23rd!!
Visit their myspace here!
They get
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
I’m digging EATT, are you?
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