Heydoyou Halloween??

“So what are you gonna be this year?” I’ve been asked this question at least five times this week! lol. Yes, it’s that time of the year again. Halloween is around the corner, and the Halloween bug is spreading at a rapid pace!

Apart from the occasional angel wings, halo, and sometimes devil horns; I was never really into getting dressed up for Halloween. But that doesn’t mean that don’t I love seeing how creative people get with their costumes, and even with their houses!!
Whether you’re into getting dressed up for Halloween, or whether you don’t do the dressing up thing, but would still like to celebrate, and be in the Halloween theme; here’s a little inspiration…
*heart it*
Wanna be sexy bunny? Put down the Playboy bunny ears, these one’s are much classier!

Photographs by Tim Walker

So do you Halloween?
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