JLo My Glow

So many of my friends *ahem and by that I mean exboyfriends* are having babies these days that it has really got me thinking about motherhood and having babies. I think having children is a blessing and truly a wonderful thing when you are READY. That means emotionally, financially and mentally.

My cousin just had a baby this month my ex in June, my friend in Jan and another in March.
So it’s really been a lot of babies around. Nothing sweeter than the love a baby evokes from the toughest of dudes and nothing more fierce than a father/mother’s love for their young. JLo looks happy and ‘complete’ now that she has everything and her little ones. Sigh. Puppies for me for now.

Check out the ads for the new JLo MyGlow. (Babies in ad not Emme & Max)

It comes out this month and the slogan is “Every baby is an angel”

The Bottle
A soft drop shaped bottle serves as the pedestal for a delicate silver collar and precious cherub cap. Inspired by soaps from Jennifer’s nursery, the cap is dual sided with a baby boy and girl – Jennifer’s personal expression of her own twins.

Lavender Flower, Water Lily, Freesia
White Rose, Wet Leaves, Peony, Casablanca Lily
Skin Musk, Milky Sandalwood, Precious Woods, Heliotrope

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